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What can we, as “suburban shamans”, do for you?

What if miracles became everyday occurances and you became  healthy, joyous and vital? Would you call it magic?

We call it simply the result of making the mind-body-spirit and Earth connections that shed your past and re-inform your future.

Shamanic and other alternative practices have generated a lot of interest lately. Why? Because you hold the key to your own healing. Shamanic and energy medicine practices are a return to what we, as people, already know but for the most part, have forgotten.

It is a natural, introspective, multi-layered approach to release, transmute and transform that which does not serve us and usher in that which is in our highest self interest. It is a place within and between worlds.

It is a place of welcome for those who feel they have no other place to go. We hold the sacred space for anyone tired of being discontent or of being unable to get well. We gather those who feel pain or fear or are afraid of the future.

Come discover your personal healing map. With our guidance your possibilities are endless. With our help, your gift to yourself is infinity!

Welcome to our world…

Tell me...

What Can Shamanism Do
for Me in My Fast-paced
21st Century Whirlwind Life?

For those who may be intrigued or wish further information, we have listed a few of our favorite books.       Click for the List - Enjoy!

Good question. How about help you successfully ride the storms of these political and economic times! Ease your anxiety. Have great energy. Feel happy and secure. Increase your business. Get a raise or a promotion. Win love. Travel. Be connected in powerful and successful ways!

What goals would you like to set? What dreams would you like to have come true? We teach a cross-cultural blend of shamanic techniques that can be applied to your every day life. Take it to the office. Use it at home. Enrich yourself. We invite you to explore….



In the News

Spirituality vs. Religion
We often get asked whether shamanism is a “religion”. We say no. “Organized religion” encompasses many great things, but also excludes those of differing beliefs. Spirituality is a larger concept, including tolerance for all ideas, expansive philosophies and lively debate.

A quantifiable study was recently completed that beautifully explains the difference and why both are necessary. We are all trying to understanding how the Universe works. There are simply many paths to getting there.

We honor you. Blessings!
••• Read the Study

Is there quantifiable evidence that Shamanism works?
Get the answer to this question and others on our
FAQs page.

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