About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to incorporate Shamanism and energy techniques in a loving and healing environment such that clients may achieve their maximum physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual potential.

Ellen and Thane are graduates of the Four Winds Society, Inc. Healing the Light Body™ certification program plus the two year Mastery program. In 2006 they both completed the Way of the Sage Advanced Masters Program Sage Program and are Certified Advanced Practioners in Soul Retrieval and Destiny Retrieval. Thane completed two years as a teacher assistant to Dr. Alberto Villoldo and Four Winds. Thane and Ellen recently studied at the Irish Center for Shamanic Studies in Dunderry Park, Ireland and have never stopped advancing their training.

In 1998, it seemed Ellen and Thane’s lives could not be further from this path. Married for only two years, they were busily blending their six children into a new family. Thane had his dental practice and Ellen was a corporate attorney.

Through a fluke accident (or perhaps a divine Universal plan), Ellen experienced a toxic chemical exposure resulting in extensive health damage. Thus began a three year nightmare of doctors, hospitals, black outs, medications, oxygen machines, memory loss, career loss, fear, physical and emotional pain.

Fortunate enough to have had the best care western medicine could provide, she is deeply grateful to her doctors. However, she saw little or no improvement. Finally, her health care practitioners agreed they could do no more. She was still living in debilitating pain, existing on pain pills, steroids and anti-inflammatory medications. She knew she could not live on like this.

At this time, Ellen happened to be gifted a copy of Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s book “Shaman, Healer, Sage”. Dr. Villoldo is the founder of The Four Winds Society, Inc. She was then fortunate enough to meet Dr. Villoldo. As Ellen stated “He told me that if my life force grew any dimmer, he would not be able to pull me back.” Thus began an intensive healing year for her. Flying between Los Angeles and New York City every four weeks for a healing session with him, she was grateful when he suggested they could work remotely. Working “remotely” (distance healing) is an extraordinary and effective experience.

As Ellen began to look and feel healthier and became more pain free and energetic, her shaman suggested it was time for her and Thane to begin their training with him and The Four Winds.

Their path had begun.