Books from the Stonewisdom Family

Dear One,

Everyone must work and endure strife. Overcoming daily obstacles and responsibilities can drag on a person physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The Stonewisdom family wants to offer you passion and love. Literature is an encompassing factor in the world we exist in and has been hugely impactful to the Stonewisdom family in all times and moments within our personal lifetimes.

We wish to offer you a piece of our hearts, our souls, and our energies while we invite you to share the stories that have been nurtured and developed with passion, love and care. With each word we give a bit of ourselves in the hope that, like the literature of others did for us, you find a piece of your whole self.


From Thane and Ellen

Ellen Ostroth has a wide background delving within the literary world. From years of absorbing words from books to creating her own works in poetry, blogging, and professional expert dissertations. Now a published author herself, together with her husband, Thane, they have worked hard to bring the basics of their shamanic knowledge and teachings to form in written word.

Bringing the base structures and basics of their healing practices into books to help the layperson become more in touch with their advancements and learned-ed knowledge, or to bring those who are intuitive and empathic to an introduction to the path of higher energetic living.

With decades of experience between the two and an on going ‘living by example’ mentality, Thane and Ellen wish to share what insights and wisdom they have obtained to help make those who seek it to be more inclusive to the world that is lighted, magical and healing to those willing to open themselves to natural healing and enlightening energies that have always existed within the universe.

From Ellen Ostroth

Ellen Ostroth has literature in her heart of hearts. A long time avid reader of such authors as J.R.R Tolkien to Stephen King, she often found herself enjoying an afternoon read delving into worlds of mystery, suspense, thrillers, and fantastical fictional worlds.

Passionate of the English language and Literature she was more passionate about spreading that love to her family and friends. Using Stonewisdom as her platform she has taken to blogging in addition to her own personal works of poetry, and mystical fantasy writing.

Using the power of self publishing, with the working efforts of children who are savvy in the modern world she now has the ability to share her imagination of machinations that delve from the far fetched, to the magical, to the spiritual and most importantly to the pure love of story telling. Bringing her worldly experiences to life in the world that exists within her own being.

Welcome to the worlds that have sprang to life from love and love lost, to adventures had and adventures shared. Worlds full of dark and mysterious, bright and wondrous, but most importantly full of fun and joy.

From Nicole Delgado

Nicole Delgado is the first born child of Ellen, and has been the behind the scenes support of Thane and Ellen’s book publications.

Nicole is a passionate reader who enjoys a variety of genres, especially mystery and suspense, though from time to time she will unwillingly admit she has enjoyed a few romance novels and is even considering writing one.

Love for reading and writing started early in her childhood. Overtime, Nicole has amassed a variety of stories of various genres before finally deciding to take on the challenge of committing her overactive imagination to the task of becoming an indie author. She self-published her first standalone book Last Name Unknown: A Walking Disaster Mystery, and in partnership with co-author, John Malone, has created a dark expanding take on the beloved Wizard of Oz.

Nicole is currently working on the second Walking Disaster Mystery featuring the naturally disastrous Addison Walker, and the fourth installment in the Oz Will Fall series.