Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient, many faceted but well respected art of healing. Unlike Western medicine which “cures” or “manages”, a Shaman guides a person’s wellness.

For what kind of issues do people come to a Shaman?

People come with every type of issue. That is what makes Shamanism so nebulous to describe and so wonderful to participate in. This practice will shift a person on their physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels.

Is Shamanism in conflict with my religious beliefs?

Absolutely not. Shamanism is not a religion. It does incorporate a Spiritual practice based on wellness, balance and community. We have clients of all denominations and no denominations.

So does it matter that Ellen is a Reverend?

Actually, I can thank Shamanism for guiding me to that honor. The very first time I heard Dr. Alberto Villoldo speak, it was the last in a four part series of lectures. This one centered on the issues of death and dying. He explained a Shaman may assist in many ways, aiding both the loved one and the bereft family left behind. In part, being a Reverend allows me access to visit with people in transition whether they are in a nursing home, ICU or hospice.

Is there quantifiable evidence that Shamanism works?

Yes, certainly. Within Ellen’s own experience with shamanism, we saw improvements in pulmonary tests, bloodwork and x-rays. Others report similar quantifiable improvements in addition to the general “feeling better”, “more energy”, and “life improvement” results obtained. We are currently gathering several of those stories for our testimonials.

Are you available between sessions for questions?

Yes and no. We certainly are available, particularly for a new client with a question. But generally, there is an integration period after a session and it is part of the healing to “sit” a bit with what is shifting and being felt. Unlike traditional therapies we do not want to delve into “the story”. To do so is counterproductive for this work. That said, we encourage people to write down any questions or comments for their next session, but prefer to spend their session hour working as opposed to too much talking.

Is Shamanism very wide spread?

Shamanism is a world-wide indigenous practice. In fact, we know of no country that does not have this type of healer. The practice is less recognized in Western cultures where we have access to more traditional Western medicine. Please note, Western medicine has a complimentary place among Shamanism and other healing modalities.

Where is Stonewisdom located?

We are currently based in Venice, Florida. It is important to note we also do non-local work. We have many clients in other states and countries. Some of these people have flown into town to work in person for several sessions before becoming comfortable with the idea of long-distance work. Please feel free to contact us for general travel information and a hotel referral.

Where can I learn more?

We offer a Reading List on our website and there are very good metaphysical newspapers available in most communities: call your local health food store for more information.