Energy Healing

Kinesiology and Pendulum Usage

There is an ancient and well respected method of tracking called “dowsing”. Most everyone is familiar with dowsing to find water. This same principle can be utilized in pendulum usage when determining every day things such as picking the best brand of vitamins or a ripe melon. Shamanically, we use pendulum methodology to track a client (for more information on this process, please refer to the Reading List section).

Once a client has given us permission to track them, pendulums are a quick and reliable way to get precise relevant information. They are particularly effective in a long distance healing session. For clients we see personally, we also use kinesiology or muscle testing. For us, this is generally just confirmation of what we have already tracked by dowsing. However, it is an easy and scientific way for a client to experience for themselves what their body’s answer is to the question “what is wrong”?

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Home, Business and Land Clearings

Do you have a property that is not selling? Got the chills? Sleeping poorly? Children having nightmares? Electronics (computer, tv, phones) not working well? Gardens dying? Are your pets lethargic or behaving oddly? Are people reluctant to come into your home or place of business? Are your employees ill or unhappy? Is business down? Poor energetics in a home or place of business or the land associated with these structures can account for depression, illness, irritability, bedwetting, nightmares, high absenteeism, loss of production, loss of income and other symptoms.
In clearing a structure, there are a number of things we are looking for. We look for the places of “stuck” or dense energy often recognizable as “cold spots”. Yes, we are also looking for “ghosts” or discarnate entities. Conversely, we look for “hot spots” of energy and electrical surges. We track the ley lines (electrical grid of the earth’s energy) and neutralize any negative geopathic zones (environmental concerns) such as encroaching water patterns or “dead zones”. We eliminate energy “voids”, whirlwind patterns or breaks in energy flow. Many of these conditions are diverted. Others are simply removed or “extracted”.

The sense of lightness, peace and well-being can be noticed almost instantly. People report being more energetic, sleeping better, and feeling a new desire to enter the “space” or structure. Sellers have reported unsold properties are suddenly in demand. Generally, a clearing is done outside the home or “remotely”, at a time when no persons are in the building. It is acceptable to have animals present during the clearing process(es). In certain circumstances, clearings can and should be done “on-site”. Occasionally, the complete clearing may involve several rapidly occurring sessions.

Contact us for prices on home, business and land clearing packages based upon your needs. Business sites are priced according to need and size. A diagram of each level of any building, including basement and attic and a generalized area sketch will be needed. Each floor can be hand-sketched on a plain sheet of standard sized paper. Copies of blue prints or assessor charts are also acceptable. Please be sure to mark any large electrical appliances (including electrical box), water (including sump pumps), and significant variances such as a nearby railroad track, dumping zone, cemetery, pond, woods etc.

We will provide follow up instructions so you can maintain your newly positive and productive space!

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Hot Stone Therapy

Stones hold ancient wisdom and amazing healing energies. Hot Stone therapy is a wonderful, relaxing therapy of steam heated stones placed on vital energy points in the body. We begin with the client on their stomach for a luxurious de-stressing. Then the client carefully rolls over and the same loving, soothing warmth is again applied. For this process to flow without interruption, two sets of stones are heated and ready. Please allow an hour for this session.

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