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Appointment and Fees

Healing sessions can be done in person or remotely. Some processes are lengthier in time while others require the participation of two Shamans. Other sessions include materials and/or sacred ceremony. Please email us with any questions regarding our fees.

If you are booking for remote work, please prepay before the appointment date and time. Credit and debit card payments are available through Paypal. Out of state checks should be received ten (10) days prior to appointment. Money orders are also acceptable. In person clients may pay at the time of scheduled appoinment.

Thank you.


Telephone Consultation – Initial consultation is free (up to 30 minutes). Please inquire about further consultation fees.

In-Person – Pricing may vary based upon services provided. Please inquire for further details.

Non-Local – Pricing may vary based upon services provided. Please inquire for further details

Stonewisdom gift certificates now available! Perfect for any occasion, no occasion, or as a way to introduce someone you care about to energy healing.
Please contact us at or call (248) 703-4772 for more information. Gift certificates may be used toward healing sessions or classes. No expiration.

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Read Disclaimer

I understand that the healing arts is about my self-healing and is not an exact science. Also, I understand that the Stonewisdom practitioners are not acting as doctors. Therefore, I agree to continue all medications (if any) and continue with any doctor visits I may have scheduled, unless my doctor(s) tells me otherwise.

I also consent to noninvasive touching as may be necessary to facilitate my session. I realize that I am in charge of my own healing. I also understand my experience will be unique and approach it as informational and/or entertainment value only. Stonewisdom and it’s practitioners make no claims or guarantees and I do not hold them responsible for my experience(s).

Notice: Stonewisdom reserves the right to publish any and all pictures, videos and testimonials acquired during any events or classes. You agree to these terms by participating or appearing within the events or classes. These terms do not pertain to personal sessions or consultations without the individuals acknowledgment and consent.