From Stonewisdom’s Thane & Ellen Ostroth

New Release!

The “How-To-Thrive” Book:

Shamanic Techniques for Laypeople


Do-It-Yourself help for whatever ails you, body-mind-energy- and soul!

These are our simplified versions of every day shamanic healing techniques for the layperson. No previous experience necessary! We anticipate sensitive, highly intuitive and empathic people will be drawn to this book. All are welcome.

After decades of preparation, we are now sharing our basic wisdoms. This book is based on FAQs, the questions we are most frequently asked from people around the world. It contains ancient lore and techniques preserved, and still valued, today. It is also packed with our own unique “healing discovery” methods, lots of love, and humor!

With this book, we are not training shamans. You either are one or you are not. What we are doing is sharing ways of coping, healing and uplifting you, home, others, business, and the world during these energetically chaotic times. We are also helping to chart a peaceful and healthy way forward for our children and our children’s children. You are a part of that!

Let us share with you some of our techniques for joyfully taking charge of your own destiny. After all, it is why you are here!

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