Stonewisdom Recommendations

Please note: Stonewisdom does not refer products or practitioners that we have not personally evaluated. Since we sell no products such as supplements, and never receive kickbacks or other considerations for our opinions, we are never in conflict. However, we have had great experiences with so much! Below is a growing list of recommendations, our helping gift to you. See if any hold appeal.


Benefiting Charity

Social conscious shirts are available for purchase for many types of shirts in two different designs.
All proceeds from purchases with go toward local Venice, Fl charities to help embolden and support our local community.
Check out our the blog post detailing our first efforts in Benefiting Charity.

Reading List

At Stonewisdom we are always we are continuously striving to stay up to date with our work and craft. Clicking the button below will take you to our Recommended Reading List which we ourselves have found to be quite detrimental to our progression over the years. We highlight Authors who have had a significant impact on our energetic journey and we hope they can do the same for you!

Trusted Products

At Stonewisdom we are friends and family the same as everyone. During our time we have found several items or products that we use in our everyday lives that have been very useful. We do not sell products or make any other considerations for our opinions. We believe that the following list of trusted products could benefit you and those close to you the same as they have for us!