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Paul Selig

Dear Ones,

           I am a voracious reader and writer. I love communication in all its forms. So what if I told you that you have an energy field that always surrounds you, and is subject to having issues and emotions impressed upon it? This is not always welcome. Our General and Shamanic Book Lists will help you learn more and to stay clear. Learn more about clearing on our website.

My point here is, there is much that is also good….is Love….is divine knowledge, that can also be impressed upon your field. It then makes its way into your consciousness, and into your very Being.

When this is done with your understanding and permission (and no practitioner should ever work on you without permission!), it can uplift and transform your life. When enough of us do that, it lifts and transforms our World.

Can you imagine a World of kindness, love and compassion? Of plenty for all? Peace? Ascended Masters do. And now it’s time for all of us to know it, too. To Be it. To manifest it. To make it our collective reality.

To that goal, I have gleefully shared these books with Thane, our family, students, clients and anyone who will listen.

For the courageous (and yes, that is you), Thane & I would like to endorse the Paul Selig channeled Trilogies. You will learn about effortlessly filling your energy field with joy that you will then share with all.

The books are at times an easy read. At others times, they are a challenge. Always, they are worth re-reading. It is you that determines your readiness and your pace. We highly recommend you start at the very beginning with I AM the Word. The books do build upon each other in order.

These books do not have any religious affiliation. But as Spirit, Source, God, the great I AM, is in everyone and everything, they are Divine communications. Your soul will come to know them and bloom!

Paul Selig is online at He can also be found on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. There are study groups, podcasts and personal appearances with tickets through Eventbrite. Mr. Selig is available for personal sessions. Pleases see his bio and book titles here on our site. This is a gift you give yourself, and then gift to others.

Mr. Selig’s work with his Guides is life-changing. Change yourself, and you change our World!

Always with love,


Books from Author Paul Selig

Caveat: The Paul Selig series’ are very vibratory reading. Please check in with yourself to check if this is an appropriate reading for you at this time.

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