Animal Healing

Our pets are not only our companions and friends but also our guardians. Animals see and track in the energetic and are usually our best first source of “alert” during an energetic “disruption” in us and/or in our homes. Watching the behavior of your pet is paramount. Is your animal comforting you? Is it watching something unseen move across a room? Has its behavior changed: is it skittish, lethargic or nervous? Does your pet seem to be reacting to “something? And remember, animals, while different from humans, have their “issues” as well. We can talk to your pet and work energetically with them to help resolve the disruption in them, their owner or the home.
Please note: this work is particularly beneficial to any “rescue” or adopted pet. These animals almost always have been afraid, hungry, hurt and come with abandonment issues. These result in one or more of the following behaviors: ornery, nervous, overly sensitive, over/under eating or creating behavioral issues. Working with such pets, we see them settle in and transform into new, loving, patient and adaptable personalities.

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After a trauma, a bad fright or years of an open “flight or fight” response, a person’s nervous system can get overloaded. This results in over-worked chakras that are “out of tune” or imbalanced. Some of the symptoms are fatigue, low energy and sleeplessness. When appropriate, we “attune” the chakras by slowing them to the Earth’s rhythm, which the body’s cerebral fluid pulse mimics. Tightly wound chakras may be difficult to dislodge and it is very common for a client to feel it “let loose”. Generally, a client will be very relaxed and sleep well that night. In instances where the “flight or fight” response has been lodged open for a long while, several decouplings may be required. This is usually done as the last part of a session when the client is feeling relaxed.

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The Kuti is an ancient, and until recently, secretive Ritual of Protection. A “kuti” makes one invisible to their enemies for a period of time. Shamans invoke these protections of behalf of other Shamans who were either traveling or battling with great Darkness. We are now allowed to perform this protection on behalf of clients. A single full mesa-carrying Shaman can perform this ceremony alone or even upon themselves but otherwise it requires four mesa carriers (“Shamans in Training”), one to hold each of the four imperative directions. Please note: We are both full mesa-carriers and recommend this protection for traveling, entering toxic situations or to defray the focus of someone intent on harm.

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Underworld Extractions

This is a fairly advanced technique. The need for such a journey is triggered within the chakra by the issue presented and involves rattling and the use of extremely high-grade crystals.

A Shaman working deeply within a chakra performs an Underworld Extraction. It is a deep “impaction” tracked by the Shaman. When found, it is basically a badly out of “synch” issue deep within the sub and/or un-conscious realms. It will have manifested itself into a “stuck or “trapped” self-image that continuously informs a client’s psyche. This can negatively impact the decision-making process, make it hard to move forward or keep us from optimal health.

This process is usually done in the context of an Illumination process, but is considered advanced work. It requires the Shaman to journey to an alternative state, gain permission to enter, and track the client through darkness. Once there, the Shaman will dialogue, receive the story that is informing the client, obtain further advice on the clients’ behalf and, sometimes, a Power Animal or a gift may present itself, willing to return for client’s protection and strength.

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