Advanced Wellness Track

Sand Painting and Altar Work

In a Shamanic practice, the time-honored practice of sand painting is an integral part. We work with “sand art” with our clients, creating a visual, working “map” of the present. Through this work, we shift these precepts and paradigms in a visual and emotional way. Sand painting is a tool a client can utilize in their personal life to create “a-ha” moments of understanding and healing in a gentle and refreshingly “inner child” way.

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Shamans use several methods of Divination. The first is the reading of special small stones. Small stones are thrown into a special mesa cloth. The past and future trends of the client as well as the male-female balances will be visually apparent during the series of throws with the stones.

Another method of Divination is the use of Tarot cards and tracking through story telling. The client pulls three cards and ultimately a “resource” card to help with future movement. A writing is done, energetically tracked by the Shaman and analyzed. This method, like Soul Retrieval, is often followed with the Art of Sacred Drama. This drama is the physical acting of the energetic “trails” through a maze of options. Here a client can safely explore the possibilities.

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This cleansing, done at a cellular level, was, until recently, reserved for Medicine people with a certain level of training. Just recently, we have been allowed to offer this service to clients. An egg is used, and rubbed in certain circular motions all over the body, while invoking protections through prayer. The process is slow and ceremonial. Clients report great heat generated as the deep, deep cleansing occurs. All the chakras are paid particular attention, as are the bottoms of the feet. The cleanings takes about 45 minutes and may involve more than one egg. Afterwards, the egg is broken open in a solution and “read”: giving some indications of what was pulled from the body. The client is then advised on the proper disposal of the egg.

Please note: Eggs may also be used in cleansing specified areas of a home.

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Power Animal Journeys

Many people are interested in the companionship of a Power Animal. These are “guardian angels” to some and animal guides to those of us who work in the animus. This journey is done with live drumming or rattling and a Shamanic journey to the alternative realms. This is somewhat like a “visualization” technique and yet it is much more. An experienced Shaman must lead the way and certain Rituals of Passage, as well as permission, will need to be invoked.
A Shaman can travel on behalf of a client or the client may accompany the Shaman on the journey. Once there several animals may be met, questions asked, and loyalties determined. If all agree, the animal archetype is brought back and placed in the appropriate chakra. The client is then instructed on the care, talents and friendship of the Guide who has chosen this client to befriend. This companion is a significant gift to oneself.

Please note: it is very possible and even likely to have more than one Power Animal. Refer to “Animal Speak”, written by Ted Andrews, for more information.

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Past Life Regression

Is it “déja vu” or precognition or simply a thread of consciousness brought into this life from a former life?? Essentially, they are all the same thing and the impact upon a current life can be profound. A past life informs us the way our genetics do, except this is information we, in effect, inherit from ourselves. Sometimes it is past life lessons we failed to heed and must re-perform. Other times we have behaved badly, caused a hurt, been treated cruelly, witnessed great grief or not died well. These need to be traced and healed.

Like a Power Animal journey, this is a journey to another realm in which the Shaman tracks through past lives to find the one associated with the client’s issue in question. There the past life can be observed. A dialogue can be performed. If appropriate, an intervention is performed by the Shaman. This is a beautiful, freeing process that rapidly shifts current “stuck” paradigms.

Please note: this is particularly useful for work with children and younger adults, as they often wear the karma of a past life very close to the consciousness of this lifetime.

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