Spirit Orb Phenomenon

Spirit Orbs

Everyone loves a good ghost story. We grew up with the fear of “hauntings” and things going “bump” in the night. But what if we shed our fear and looked at what was really occurring around us?

In the age of high resolution and digital imaging, we are noticing images in photos we could never capture clearly before. With advanced equipment, paranormal societies in places like Michigan and elsewhere (including prime time TV), are researching and investigating. They bring sensitive recording equipment (audio and visual) into places, set up and record what phenomenon there is to find. In the growing town of Holly, Michigan, there is an historic hotel, now a well known restaurant, long considered “haunted by ghosts”. The hotel has obtained photos of these inhabitants and they appear as “orbs” of light floating like bubbles in the rooms. It seemed authentic, but…

A while back, when we were still in Michigan, at the close of an advanced training, we asked a student to snap a picture of our group before we all dispersed. I handed our digital camera to them, they snapped the picture and handed the camera back. So imagine our intrigue when we arrived home and “dumped” our pictures onto our computer and observed the same phenomenon on our own camera.

Here at Stonewisdom, we have begun to take photos. We know we have pure and inviting space and we do invite our spiritual loved ones to join us. And they do come! Here on these webs pages we have begun to build a photo library of our Spirit Orb experiences. These are loving, beautiful energies. Diffuse your fear, add your curiosity and delve into the possibility that when you gather your loved ones around you, all your loved ones (even those you thought lost to you) are present. And have a group hug!

Spirits orbs during a shamanic celebration

White small spheres on Ellen’s poncho*

White small spheres on Thane’s poncho

Spheres above flowers, several near ceiling, lady

On Thane’s poncho, ceiling (huge!)

Spheres above flowers, at ceiling (several)

You may be thinking “Well those orbs are just dust on the camera lens.” That is a possibility however, the photo at the right was taken with the same camera, moments prior to the ones above, at the beginning of the Despacho ceremony. Notice that Thane’s poncho is solid black, no orbs or discolorations.

Following the transmission ceremony of the new Taitonchi Ronti Rites, these spirit orbs filled the room

Spirit Orbs come
in colors too!

Along the wall…

Standing Room Only
with the Spirit Orbs.

Ellen enjoying
the Spirit Orbs!

Can you see
the tree spirit?

Try and find it first. If you can’t, roll your mouse over the tree and see the spirit appear!

October 2006

This was shot by Nicole Gabriel, a Stonewisdom Universal Wheel student, who was out on her land deepening her connections with both the ordinary and non-ordinary realms.

As you can see, she is well received!

Sacred Site

Earth Art – The Spiral Jetty in the Great Salt Lake was an artistic piece created in the 1960’s by an “Earth Artist”. Tons of stone were moved into place to create a spiral walkway still able to be traversed when the lake levels are low enough. More remotely, the artist’s wife created the “Sun Caves” art, an rock alignment with the equinox. Still more, New Mexico boasts a “lightening cabin” set up to conduct lightening strikes. It is rumored to “hum” even without a storm.