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Classes Overview

Stonewisdom invites everyone who is struggling within or without to join us for this life-altering event. Our personal journeys in this World are a Spiritual walk. This is not a religious class, but a “how to” successfully engage with yourself, loved ones, business and the world at random. Come learn our best suggestions for innovative, masterful and healthy living.

You will experience self-empowerment methods that will be immediately “game-changing” in your life. Enjoy Cosmic and karmic clearing. Integrate as the masterful True Self you were always meant to be. Help create a new tribe of heart-connected friendships and like-minded people. This is not a shamanic training but does incorporate some wisdom teachings.

Learn with Thane & Ellen Ostroth in Venice, Florida*

Our Level I – IV classes are a four day journey, commencing on a Thursday evening at 5:30 PM and ending on the following Sunday at noon, including a unique Sound Immersion evening and an evening of Meditative Journey work. Beach drumming and dance optional.

These are important classes for energy practitioners, and non-practitioners, such as Highly Intuitive, Sensitive or Empathic People. Our classes are not “training to be a shaman”, but rather how to create your “new you”. Come explore some basic tenets of global shamanism, including tools for living in joyful harmony. We will also be sharing protective tools, healing techniques and conscious ways to co-create the future you dream. Release your karma. Tap into synchronicity and manifestation. Classes provide healing opportunities, self-empowerment, and other unique experiences not taught by others. Connect with your True self, the one you have been looking for. Join a “new-vibe” tribe family. Come and connect with your Soul’s passion! Our Levels class programs are designed to expand upon the previous class, which are required prerequisites. We also offer single day events, weekend retreat seminars, and weekend “stand alone” classes (no prerequisite or added class requirements).*

Please contact us for more information: or (248) 703-4772. Text or call.

We will send a full, multi-page explanation/invitation. This will include pricing, accommodations with Stonewisdom student rate discounts, best airports and fun activities to see and do while in Venice. We are conveniently located near airports, expressways and beaches, while still maintaining our quiet and refreshing Venice community atmosphere.

We recommend staying over until Monday, if you can, as Venice Beach offers free Sunday evening drumming and dancing 1.5 hours prior to sunset. A terrific way to wrap up an amazing weekend!

We are open to creating classes based on metaphysical topics people are interested in, so please let us know your ideas, including shamanic topics.  Stonewisdom is nondenominational and open to all people. Minors must have parental permission.

Class sizes are limited.
Stonewisdom events are always nondenominational.
Under 18 must have parental permission.

*These are invitational classes for all interested people. Stonewisdom retains the right to refuse any class admission.

Class Schedule and Details

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Level I Classes

Class for Highly Sensitive & Intuitive People. Valuable for empaths, laypeople and energetic practitioners of all modalities and those with a curiosity about shamanism.. A practical class for a practical approach to achieving balance, power and peace in a chaotic world.

Clear out the “old stuff” that diminishes your life, like baggage, negative emotions, karma, beliefs that no longer serve. Learn successful living and working tools for everyday situations with family, work, and community. Meet your guides. Learn to protect and utilize your energy centers. We work with both the chakra and meridian energy centers. Examining your Beliefs will change your life. Heal yourself and others. Begin to clear your Akashic record, which is your personal energetic history throughout time. Become self-empowered!

Next class dates TBD.

Thank you to those who attended our May 2-5, 2019 session!

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Contact us for scheduling, availability and pricing.

Level II Classes

These are advanced practices. Level I classes are a prerequisite.

Continues your creative expansion by finding past life resolutions, soul wholeness, shifting your energy, and the energy of the World around you, in large and small ways, and other large subjects. Learn how to access the positive lessons and skills from your unique Akashic history. Understand and experience intra/inter-dimensionality. Free yourself from your unconscious fears and blockages. See what the future has in store for you by co-evolving your World.

Thursday, October 31 – Sunday, November 3, 2019

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Contact us for scheduling, availability and pricing.

Level III Classes

Advanced practices. Levels I – II classes are a prerequisite.

Continue your journey, as we co-manage DNA wellness and change. Tap into the crystalline grids of the Earth by raising the frequency of your crystalline Light. You are in command of your personal mastery and are living Truth. Take charge of your positive Akash. Experience an uplifting in your Light body. You will now know, on a cellular level, how important you are, and why it is necessary you are here on Earth at this time.

Next class dates TBD

Thank you to those who attended our Feb. 28 – Mar. 3, 2019 session!

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Contact us for scheduling, availability and pricing.

Level IV Classes

Advanced to Mastery level practices.  Levels I – III are a prerequisite.

Further your connections and awareness with synchronicity, synergy and instant manifestations. Also, healings, and mastery level challenges, including astral plane exploration, mastery of Akash and dharmic creations, the Soul Star chakra and above, plus more.

Thursday February 27 – Sunday, March 1, 2020

Contact us for scheduling, availability and pricing.

Coming in 2020

Understanding the Inner Cosmology and Sensuality of Your Body

This class is open to women and men, lovers, couples, abuse survivors, singles and those interested in the Taoist traditions of shamanism. No prerequisites necessary.

We will also incorporate Celtic shamanic mythology in inter-active ways. This is a bawdy, fun class, serious about body re-connection, self-empowerment, plus womb and healthy sexual healing. The womb experience and healing is not just for females! This class is held in extremely safe and love-filled energy. Replace rigid and frigid with sassy and classy!

Dates TBD.

Corporate Shamanism

Transformation for your corporate culture! Incorporates Feng Shui suggestions, employee empowerment skills, team cohesiveness, productivity and morale improvement and building a bigger, better business.

This class is a 4 day retreat in Venice, Florida, easily used for Training, Rewarding, and Incentivizing! In association with our hotel partner, we co-create, upon your specifics, modern trending techniques with ancient and energetic applications to resolve conflicts, influence clients, create new image/brand and have happy employees while business flourishes. Great for big or small companies. Exclusive to the people you bring.

Dates TBD.

Celebrate Life After Life

Join us in exploring End of Life issues, and practical, workable tools for aiding yourself and others through these unavoidable experiences. No prerequisites necessary.

This class offers more than Hope. It offers Joy, new Understanding, Ceremony and Tradition, and open and frank conversations about fear, illness, death and dying, celebrations, eulogies, what steps to take, as well as when and who to call. Join us on our love-filled journey through the initiations brought by birth, maturation, and end-of-days. Learn how to recognize and not fall victim to anticipatory guilt, fear, worry, or loss. Compare mythologies and beliefs about transitioning from this life, past lives and what the future holds. Walk the Path of the Eternal Being.

Dates TBD.

Class Testimonials

I thoroughly enjoyed the Level 1 Class with Stonewisdom! Ellen and Thane have been at this for quite some time, and they shared many useful practices that I could incorporate into my daily life. The work done during the class has led to shifts in relationships, career goals, and my connection with the land. I have noticed an increase in clients coming in for my freelance business as well. I highly recommend Stonewisdom classes, as well as their private sessions. I have found that I’m seeing more signs supporting the idea that I’m on the right path since being in the class. I am really looking forward to Level 2!
-Dr. B
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