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Classes Overview

Stonewisdom invites everyone who is struggling within or without to join us for this life-altering event. Our personal journeys in this World are a Spiritual walk. This is not a religious class, but a “how to” successfully engage with yourself, loved ones, business and the world at random. Come learn our best suggestions for innovative, masterful and healthy living.

You will experience self-empowerment methods that will be immediately “game-changing” in your life. Enjoy Cosmic and karmic clearing. Integrate as the masterful True Self you were always meant to be. Help create a new tribe of heart-connected friendships and like-minded people. This is not a shamanic training but does incorporate some wisdom teachings.

Please contact us for more information: or (248) 703-4772. Text or call.

We will send you a more detailed outline, pricing and information on travel including local places to eat, stay, shop and visit. Make your Stonewisdom retreat weekend a learning respite. We are conveniently located near airports, expressways and beaches, while still maintaining our quiet and refreshing Venice community atmosphere.

We recommend staying over until Monday, if you can, as Venice Beach offers free Sunday evening drumming and dancing 1.5 hours prior to sunset. A terrific way to wrap up an amazing weekend!

We are open to creating classes based on metaphysical topics people are interested in, so please let us know your ideas, including shamanic topics.  Stonewisdom is nondenominational and open to all people. Minors must have parental permission.

*Stonewisdom always reserves the right to refuse admittance into any class.

Class Schedule and Details

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Level I Classes

Class for Highly Sensitive & Intuitive People. Valuable for empaths, laypeople and energetic practitioners of all modalities and those with a curiosity about shamanism.. A practical class for a practical approach to achieving balance, power and peace in a chaotic world.

January 24 – 27, 2019

May 2 – 5, 2019

Contact us for scheduling, availability and pricing.

Level II Classes

These are advanced practices. Open to those who have completed Level I classes.

2019 TBD

Contact us for scheduling, availability and pricing.

Level III Classes

Advanced practices. Open to those who have completed Level I and Level II classes.

February 28 – March 3, 2019

Contact us for scheduling, availability and pricing.

Level IV Classes

This class is still currently under development. Further details to come. This class will be open to those who have completed Levels I – III.

Dates TBD

Contact us for scheduling, availability and pricing.

Class Testimonials

I thoroughly enjoyed the Level 1 Class with Stonewisdom! Ellen and Thane have been at this for quite some time, and they shared many useful practices that I could incorporate into my daily life. The work done during the class has led to shifts in relationships, career goals, and my connection with the land. I have noticed an increase in clients coming in for my freelance business as well. I highly recommend Stonewisdom classes, as well as their private sessions. I have found that I’m seeing more signs supporting the idea that I’m on the right path since being in the class. I am really looking forward to Level 2!
-Dr. B
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