Testimonial of the path that led to Stonewisdom

Ellen Ostroth’s Experience: When I first started as a shamanic client, I was extremely skeptical. In fact, I had not expected to be working with him at all. I told him after my first session that I would be taking “quantifiable tests to prove [or disprove] the efficacy of Shamanism”. He just smiled and said he thought I would be pleased. Within 48 hours I showed a 20% improvement in a breathing test.

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When I first started as a shamanic client, I was extremely skeptical. In fact, I had not expected to be working with him at all. I told him after my first session that I would be taking “quantifiable tests to prove [or disprove] the efficacy of Shamanism”. He just smiled and said he thought I would be pleased.

Within 48 hours I showed a 20% improvement in a breathing test. Within a week my blood tests became normal. Shortly after that, an x-ray showed no damaged tissue in my neck. This was the most fascinating to me for two reasons. First, I had not shared with Alberto that I had damaged my neck. Second, I had been having black outs and took a fall backwards down a cement staircase. I had ruptured my C-1 and C-2 vertebrae (high in the neck). After completing physical therapy, including hospital and home traction, it was apparent that the tissue would not reabsorb as hoped. Two different neurologists concurred: I would need surgery. Both doctors also agreed this procedure carried a high risk of becoming paraplegic. Naturally, I was anxious to avoid surgery! When I reported to Alberto that the damage was simply “gone”, he said “Of course. You did not need it”.

Today I laugh over how I was such a nonbeliever! But at that time, Shamanism went well beyond the scope of my experience or my beliefs. What I have learned since is our [shamanic] techniques work for people whether they (1) fall sound asleep during the session; (2) are stout skeptics; (3) are being worked on from long distances; (4) are unable to fully understand and/or articulate their issues; or (5) proclaim to be a devout believer, agnostic or atheistic. Shamanism should be a big component in anyone’s personal wellness practice!

Ellen Ostroth

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Testimonials from The Vibe Tribe

Taking Thane and Ellen’s level 1 class had a profound effect on my Divine life path. It put me on a trajectory that I could not have otherwise imagined. It was deeply healing. I had insights that were both of and beyond this 3 D world. If you want to partake of a powerful and vibration raising experience, I highly recommend this adventure!


I entered Thane and Ellen’s Level I class with an open mind, not knowing what it was going to be about, and having never met either of them. I can truly say it has literally changed how I live my life; professionally, as a parent and as a husband. Having also completed Levels II and III, the combination of all three classes are one of the most intense, profound and wonderful learning experiences I have ever had! Can’t wait for Level IV!

Gary G

Dear Ellen and Thane

We are each recognizing miracles in our lives. With God’s Loving Grace each of is manifesting a wonderful joy in our own lives. Wounds are being healed at the deepest levels.

Ellen In light of God’s loving Grace we have transformed our love to be of brother and sister. I did not have a sister and her no brother. We are closer than ever while supporting each others quiet journey to a romantic love in the future!

Bless you dear angel for assisting me in that direction at end of our wonderful weekend with you and Thane and the Tribe.

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God has blessed me and loved me throughout even when I couldn’t love myself.

Ellen the imagery journey you facilitated profoundly impacted me; however “The Spark” touched me to the core. Suddenly there was evidence that “none of it was my fault”way back in those early years! Thus began a journey to self forgiveness self love and self acceptance!

As God’s Grace allowed that to integrate within me and set me free to be the authentic awesome kind loving man I am today!

I am blessed! I am grateful!


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I can’t even begin to describe the incredible impact the Shamanism work done by Mr. and Mrs. Ostroth has had on my life. I’m reminded daily on how lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life as them. I was told very early on in their learning about the work they were doing and became really interested. When given the opportunity to be one of the people they could work on and learn from, I jumped at the opportunity. A few of my many experiences include illuminations, crystal extractions and retrieval of soul pieces, full moon ceremonies, receiving bands of power, and despacho ceremonies. I’ll never forget the first day that Mrs. Ostroth worked on me.

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Giving a little background to make you understand what a live-changing event this was, I always believed that God was looking over me and always felt that angels were surrounding me blessing me daily. It was getting to the point in my teenage life where religion or believing in anything was beginning to melt away. So when it came to being worked on, I felt an altered state of peace that felt like nothing I’ve ever felt before. When the session concluded, Mrs. Ostroth told me how special of a person I was and how many people including angels were always with me. She told me how proud they were of the person I was becoming and that nothing but greatness could come of my life. I have never broken down and cried of pure and gratified happiness in my life. My life up to that point was always living in fear and not being scared anymore made me feel free. Just to hear that there truly was something to believe in higher than myself and to know that I’m never alone in my life at any moment has made me grow as a person phenomenally.

I’ve been taught that I’m not crazy when I hear or feel things. To believe in my higher conscious and to know things are happening for a reason is a concept I learned from the Ostroths. They’ve helped me with spinning my chakras and making sure I am performing to the best of my ability each day. Knowing how sensitive I am to other people, they protected me with bands of power and taught me how to keep myself strong against any evil in my life. I’ve been able with their help to feel when spirits are with me and help them to the other side where they truly belong. Many of the things the Ostroths have done for me can’t even be described with words. The feelings of hope and love are never-ending from them.

Having Mr. and Mrs. Ostroth’s help and guidance is an indescribable feeling. They’re always there for me whenever I’m feeling like something is wrong and always there to share my happiness. They’re to date the most unselfish, kind, and unconditionally loving people I’ve ever met. They are my mentors, my saviors, and most importantly as close as my own family. Without their help in my life, I don’t know where I would be today. Their light and amazing energy is nothing that I’ve ever experienced. They’ve helped me to believe in my power, love, and beauty both inside and out. I am truly blessed to have the Ostroths in my life and I hope you chose to have them in yours.

Sincerely with the most love possible,
Lyndsay Dougherty

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They say that in your lifetime, you will meet 5 people who truly make a lasting impact. I can honestly say that Thane and Ellen Ostroth are two of those people. At the age of 16, I was diagnosed with cancer. I struggled with the concept and events up until I had work done by the Ostroth’s. The first time I had healing work done, I was extremely impressed.

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I not only felt rejuvinated emotionally and spiritually, but I was even looking better! It has been about two years since my first experience, and each one has gotten progressively more beneficial.

Recently I was out of town, and the first few days of my trip I struggled with severe anxiety attacks. After one day, I contacted Thane and Ellen. They were able to work on me the same day of my phone call, and I couldn’t have been more grateful. It only took about an hour until I felt like myself again. I was able to enjoy the rest of the vacation anxiety free. I don’t think that there is a situation that the Ostroth’s cannot help someone through. The Ostroth’s are two of the best people I have ever met. Their generosity and warmth are truly admirable. I don’t know two people that are more sympathetic and willing to help in any event. They have taught me so much in such a short time. I am finally becoming the person that I have strived to become, and I have the Ostroth’s to thank for that.

A.C., Michigan

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I grew up with divorced parents and unknowingly suffered badly from the rough childhood I encountered, especially abuses from my father. I had a deep emotional hurt after all these years (when I felt like I forgave and forgot) and I was unaware of it. I would have nightmares with him in it and I never thought twice about it.

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I also had issues with the house I grew up in that I couldn’t seem to let go: a lot of bad stuff (physical, emotional, paranormal) went on in that house and ten years later it still affected me. I just figured it was memories and time would heal all wounds. Having worked with Thane and Ellen, they were able to do soul retrievals on me and replace those parts of me that left when times were the hardest. I have dreams about my father still, but not nightmares. I confront him in my dreams about all the things he’d done that hurt me, scared me, and caused me to disconnect with him on an emotional level. A lot of my dreams also take place in my childhood home and everytime I have a dream about it, I’m less and less connected with it.

I’m not scared anymore and I work with them to help let go of those memories and to heal all the scars those memories left. I can finally sleep at night and my botched relationship with my father is getting better- I’m no longer afraid of him or what he did to hurt me. I had no clue as to how much I was hurting and suffering: emotionally and spiritually. When I work with them and they tell me things that I had buried and hidden away in my memory, I realize how bad it really did hurt and how much and how hard I tried to push it out of my life instead of coping with it. I’m not only coping with it now, but I’m fixing it and I’ve never been happier or felt so strong.

Meesha, Michigan

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I asked Thane to work on my house because I was having several problems. The biggest problem was with water in my basement. I have lived in my house for 10 years and during that time my basement has flooded (2 or more inches) four times. My basement is finished and contains my children’s toys so the flooding is a big problem. Thane worked on cleaning out my house and stopping the basement flooding.

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It has been almost six months now and we have not had any water in the basement. We had heavy rains a month ago and all of our neighbors got water in their basements but ours remained dry!
Another problem in my house was that one of my children was having trouble sleeping. He claimed that there were spirits in our house and they wouldn’t leave him alone. I didn’t think too much of it because the rest of my family was sleeping fine. A friend of mine came to visit and spent the night. She told me the next day that spirits kept her up all night. Thane also worked on clearing my house of any intrusions. Ellen had also made a suggestion to me on clearing rooms, which I did for both of my children’s bedrooms. After that, my friend came for another visit. She told me the next morning that she slept great!

M.S., Delaware

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“My 5 year old son was not sleeping at night. He was having nightmares and bedwetting. He was wetting himself during the day. The medical doctors could not find a cause and I was reluctant to take him to a psychiatrist. A friend recommended the Ostroths and we went to see Ellen. She explained what they do and while I did not understand it all, after one session the wetting and nightmares stopped. It was like a miracle! My son loved his visit and still talks about how “cool” it is to go to the Ostroths.”

Name Withheld, Michigan

“Ellen and Thane are very intuitive healers. I would definitely recommend either or both of them together. They knew exactly what was needed in every situation that came up. I felt totally taken care of. They are wonderful!”

GH, Georgia

This is difficult for me to write but I want to share this amazing story! My only son was 19 when he was in a car accident that left him nearly a human vegetable. . He is now 21 years old. Although he was in pretty good shape physically, he could not speak and wouldn’t move or respond. He would not feed or dress himself. He wouldn’t look at you when you were talking to him and you couldn’t be sure he was hearing you.

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After several years of doctors, physical and other therapies (including shock treatment and hormones) and hospitals, the final recommendation was to institutionalize him. I was heartbroken. My whole family was torn apart! Then my hair dresser told me I had nothing to lose by calling and gave me Stonewisdom’s business card. I did call and Ellen spent a lot of time thoroughly explaining about the Shamanic work that they do. I still didn’t know what they could do for my son but I took him for a session.

After the first session, he began to whisper. After the next session, he was talking and dressing and feeding himself. Now I look into his eyes and I see my son again. Best of all, he loves to go for his sessions! He actually gets excited and animated. It’s been incredible! I thank Thane and Ellen for giving me hope where there was none. I believe I am getting back the son the doctors told me I had lost for good.

name withheld

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I truly cannot thank Rev. Ellen enough! My father fell into a coma after surgery and was lingering on life support at the hospital. A friend advised me to help him by calling Stonewisdom. Ellen explained what they could do to help someone who is dying so I asked her to come to the hospital.

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Thane and/or Ellen visited several times, working quietly and speaking gently. My father seemed to be in less and less pain. He began to look peaceful and even started smiling!

Then Ellen did a totally awesome thing. She talked quietly to my eight year old daughter who was refusing to see her grandpa. I couldn’t believe it. She walked from Ellen, straight into the room and took my father’s hand. He squeezed it! I saw it!!! I knew then that the Ostroths were right when they said my father could hear and feel us. We all told him we loved him. We made it OK for him to go. He passed hours later.

Having Stonewisdom there made my father’s death (the Ostroths call it a “transition”) kinder and gentle. It’s a comforting memory my entire family will treasure.

H. D. Canton, MI.

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I am a small business owner. I was worried because my business has steadily been declining over a period of time. It seemed like customers would walk in just to turn around and walk out! Advertising didn’t help. Discounts were not working.

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I was panicked enough to take the advice of a family member and call Stonewisdom, even though it all sounded like baloney. I agreed to have the Ostroths clean the “energy” in my building space. Right away, it felt calmer. My wife says it’s “lighter” feeling in the showroom and more inviting. All I know is as a result, the phone is ringing and customers seem to be flooding in the door. This is the best quarter for sales I have had since I opened years ago. Best investment I could have made!

Sid R., Oak Park, MI.

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The Ostroth’s are incredible people of character and integrity. Their Shammanic work has helped my entire family both healthwise and in bringing peace to our home. They are messengers of God’s work to us!

C.E., Royal Oak, MI.

Thank you! Thank you! I am happy to be writing this so it can help other parents. I am a single mother with a four year old son. He was been unable to sleep at night and experienced what seemed like a total personality change. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong but wanted to prescribe medications anyway. I was really scared.

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A friend, knowing how desperate I was, told me about taking her children to see Ellen and how much they loved it, so I went. I didn’t know what to expect. I still don’t know exactly how it works but I know my son loved it so much he won’t stop talking about “Miss Ellen”. After one visit, he settled in: no more bad dreams, no more tears or tantrums. I feel like Ellen gave me my precious child back. Thank you!!!

Sally H., Auburn Hills, MI.

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I’ve known Thane and Ellen for many years. I was absolutely appalled at the changes in Ellen after she got sick from the chemical exposure. I have seen her rebound, get better and now, get better than ever in so many ways. I am a social worker with a local practice. I often refer cases to Stonewisdom when I have clients I cannot seem to move forward.

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The issues have been many and various. The forward momentum these clients experience is phenomenal. It shows the limitations of my [traditional therapeutic] work. I am overjoyed to now have someplace to send clients whose progress was stalled. They are always very excited about their shamanic experience in general, and Ellen and Thane in particular, with good reason.

K.R., M.S.W.

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Dear Ellen and Thane:

I am glad to send you this testimonial and you have my permission to use it, or any part of it on your website or in your healing practice.

Returning home from a Shamanic workshop I found my 13 year old daughter laying in pain on the floor of our living room with a huge bag of ice on her head. She had flu like symptoms with a severe headache that did not respond to any pain medications she had taken.

Two trips to the pediatrician left us with the diagnosis of “some kind of a virus or perhaps mono.” After six days the symptoms had not abated at all. I called Thane and Ellen from my home in Florida. Thane had diagnosed my daughter as having a fluid energy that needed to be removed.

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He would extract the energy using Ellen as a surrogate. Thane explained that he and Ellen would set up the actual healing to take place at a time when my daughter would be still and could tolerate having her energy body worked on from a distance. I thanked him and hung up.

A few minutes later my daughter announced that “I just feel like laying in my bed for a while.” She left the living room where we were watching a movie. She returned about 30 minutes later without a word. Just then the phone rang, it was Thane letting my know that he and Ellen had just finished the healing. He assured me that my daughter would have her energy back the next day.

My daughter woke in the morning feeling better for the first time since her illness. By noon she had declared herself well and was asking to go to school the next day. I kept her home the next day as a precaution but she was certainly well enough to have gone to school.

It seems unlikely to me that a virus or mono would have such severe symptoms that are relieved so quickly on their own.

I am a psychologist and Shamanic practitioner.

C.A.E., Florida

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Hi there. It is late and my daughter is sound asleep. I cannot tell you what a comfort all of this has been. Everything was so much better after just one visit. I simply cannot find the words to describe to you what we feel. She seems so at ease with herself now, and school and friends are going so much better. I just wanted to tell you thank, thank you, thank you!!! You are truly blessed!!

B.H., Michigan

I have had one of the most amazing experiences of my life due to Ellen. In fact, I can honestly say that my perspective on life has changed, for the better, because of Ellen’s gift. My brother had died recently and quite unexpectedly. Shortly after his death, several unusual events occured

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and I wasn’t quite sure what to make of them. I had the urge to call Ellen and tell her what had been happening. She immediately knew what was causing those events and she knew what needed to be done. Interestingly enough, me and my events had waltzed into her area of expertise! The next day, Ellen and Thane went to work to help me (and my brother!) and it was 100% successful. All is well and at peace.

I can not possibly articulate how extraordinary the experience was and how grateful I am to the Ostroth’s, their abilities and their kindness towards me. Thank you!!

C.C., MI

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In my profession as a massage therapist, clients come in all the time and tell me stories about their physical and emotional traumas, their tribulations with traditional western medicine and the sad truth about how this negatively impacts their lives and families. I couldn’t do more than listen.

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Then I realized these stories were energetically having a negative impact on me and my energy. Then I met Ellen. She charged up my energy in just the time short time I spent with her.

I now refer those clients to her and her husband. Thy all love their experiences with shamanic healing, and even though the issues are all very different, everyone is really pleased with their results. I can see change in them immediately. I highly recommend the experience to anyone.

J. G., C.M.T.

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It began really as a request to have my own energy checked. I had been having horrible bizarrely nightmarish type dreams and was feeling very much even in waking like I was caught in a black hole.

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Thane scanned my field and said that there was nothing attached but recommended that my house be cleared. Upon request, I faxed a rudimentary copy of my house plans and yard. Ellen briefly and by e-mail explained what she saw and recommended that we indeed follow through. It was interesting, the night before the clearing took place there were denser energies palpably felt in specific areas of the house, as if they were waiting for something…perhaps release. We left the house at the designated time, 5 minutes before and again I had a visceral sense of shift changes.

Upon return some hours later, the first thing that I noticed was that the house smelled different; it was sweeter. We live in an old bungalow right next to a very wide rambling creek. Mold and mildew are commonplace, so the sweetness was wonderful. The animals were less restless and there was a peaceful sort of stillness in the air. TV doesn’t seem so necessary these days. It was several days and weeks later that I got a full realization of how powerful the shift was. My husband stopped drinking, he’s cut down his smoking in half and for the last 13 years we have never been able to agree on what needed to be done to fix up this fixer-upper. We’ve finally agreed on a new roof and it will be installed. We will be procuring a coal/wood stove to facilitate a more holistic means of heating without so much interdependency on the oil industry. In short, our lives have changed dramatically…stand back Mr. Clean!

S.J., Pennsylvania

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We highly recommend Thane and Ellen Ostroth to anyone who is trying to sell their home! We bought a new home but to our surprise, our fashionable Royal Oak home would not sell. Our bridge loan was becoming due. A friend recommended we call Stonewisdom. The Ostroth’s explained energetic “cleansings” of property and told us in their experience, people saw results within weeks. We had them clean the property. Within trwo weeks, our house sold. Not only did it sell but it sold to a prospective buyer who had previously been through the house. They were not at all interested. In fact, they did not even go thoroughly through the house. After the cleaning, a family member saw our home, liked “the feel” and insisted this buyer come through again. This time they saw the house as warm and welcoming. They could see it as the charming house we knew it to be. To make a long story short, this buyer bought our home.

We really believe the cleansing done by Thane and Ellen turned our luck and sold our home in a market in which homes are not currently moving. In fact, we also had them cleanse our new property so it is ready for our move in date.

E & M., R.O., Michigan

I had spent years on heart medications (yes, plural!) but went to Thane and Ellen when I began having unexplained heart palpitations, sweats, trembles and faintness. My heart was racing all the time and I felt I was close to another heart attack (I had already had 4).

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The doctors weren’t sure what was wrong. I don’t know what they [Thane and Ellen] did, but I worked with both of them in one session. All my heart symptoms went away. I felt calmer yet energized. Just great! I continued to feel that way. I was doing so well that eventually my doctor decreased my heart meds. Today I am medication free and have been for about 1 1/2 years. I still smoke and I still want to lose this extra weight but my heart has been strong and my energy good. I save a fortune every month without the prescription drugs (which is a blessing because I am without insurance coverage). I tell everyone how great my [shamanic] experience was!

F.F., Berkley, MI

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I had my first shamanic healing session several years ago with Ellen. My blood work was badly off-balance, with my white blood count being out of control. I had just left the hospital where the treatments had failed to get my blood balanced.

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Three days after the session, I returned for follow up blood work. My doctors were amazed my results were normal! Naturally, I was delighted. I began to embrace energetic modalities including more shamanic work, yoga and massage. Since then, I have even begun my own training in the self-healing arts and look forward to taking classes with Thane and Ellen!

L.S., Novi, MI

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I have been working with Thane for several visits but have seen improvement since my first visit. So have others. During this time, I have also been working with Biofield analysis/interpretation. It measures bio-pulse, reflex and auras. Over the past 3 months, my tests show my organs are all becoming enlivened! My “energized organs” had previously tested well outside the norms but I am now fairly normalized. Also, my chakras now test as well balanced. I have great energy and am working with a personal trainer.

I have referred others to Thane and Ellen and will continue to do so.

I.M., Macomb County

I live alone and have never before been so afraid! One night I woke up and heard heavy footsteps walking downstairs in my house. I was sure it was a man and that my house was being robbed! I pulled the blankets up hoping whoever it was would simply take what they wanted and get out. I was scared to death. Then the foot steps began to come upstairs! Too late I realized I had missed my chance to dial for help. The steps came down the hall and stopped outside my partially closed door. I could only stare. The door swung open and I opened my mouth the scream…

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and there was no one there! I cried with relief.

The next night this happened again. And the next night, I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t talk to anybody about this. I knew I wasn’t crazy. All the doors and windows were locked and each night these footsteps climbed the stairs, made their way down the hallway, the door would swing open, and no one would be there! Finally, I shared this with Ellen Ostroth because I had been told she could help. She said she needed to “cleanse” my house, and did. That was the last frightening experience I had at night in my home.

I still have never told anyone else about this whole bizarre incident, but am willing to share it anonymously here on the Stonewisdom website because sane people need to know where to get help when everything turns insane.”

(name withheld), Troy, MI

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I am an older Christian woman living alone. One morning I awoke to find my walk-in closet door closed. I never close it and it was open when I went to bed. The next night, I awoke. The door was closed again and I distinctly heard noises, like someone was in there. I was terrified, so I lay very still and pretended to be asleep. Suddenly I felt the bed move as if someone had lain down beside me. I was sure I had a burglar in the house and that he meant me terrible harm. I gathered all my strength, leapt from the bed and dashed toward to door. When I glanced back, afraid to see I was being pursued…

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I could see that there was no one else in the room. But I knew that I had heard the noises and felt a strong “presence”.

The next day, I shared this story with Thane, who cleared my house. I have never had another problem. I never believed in ghosts before, but I also know what my experience was and that it was very, very real and now it is over. Thank you, Shaman!”

E.S.B, Auburn Hills, MI

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You will most likely remember that you did some remote sessions with my mother (in a nursing home in the Chicago area) about a year ago. I just wanted to let you know that she very peacefully passed away at the end of November this year. After she had the sessions from you, her body relaxed considerably so she must have been more comfortable (though she was not present in her body much).

I have since begun Alberto’s Healing the Light Body school to learn the path for myself. Thanks so much.

Ms E.

My husband and I are doing well – Whatever you and your husband did during our evening of healing, really worked. My husband has been keeping himself in good spirits ever since. I’m doing well too. He has already started getting back into the mix as a lawyer [after battling a tumor]. His singing, humor and intelligence are all intact thank goodness, and are showing again. His body is struggling, but once the poisons are out of his system I am hoping (and so is he) that we can get moving on. The stress has caused me to gain a bit of weight and I am working on it as best I can. I look forward to working with you next!

Name with held, Connecticut

My son and I met Thane and Ellen three years ago and both my son and I were drawn to them. We listened to their talk and as soon as they were done…actually before, my son, who was 10 at the time, stated he wanted to learn from them and work with them. I also was greatly intrigued by their talk. We took a Munkay -Ki class and were elated. It was so inspirational, enlightening. Both of us wanted to continue and go to the Universal Wheel classes. It took us almost 3 years, but we are here and enjoying every minute of it. It’s work but the rewards far outweigh the cost. It has helped me and my son so much. We are letting go of hurts from the past and being able to move on with our lives in a much more enlightened and happier life. We are being able to unblock the things that have blocked our progress in what we should be doing. Neither one of us can wait for our next class. We learn so much and become in tune with so much in the world than we ever knew was there or possible.

Tracy Hoyt

Ellen Ostroth stands out among the general crowd of healers and shamans in the marketplace. She is grounded and balanced in both her intellectual and intutive healing abilities. Her manner is based on a solid understanding of metaphysics and ancient shamanic wisdom while her style is compassionate and balanced.

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It is imperative to choose very carefully whom to work with when utilizing shamanic medicine … and Ellen is one medicine wise woman whom I recommend without reservation for her honesty, professionalism, grounded judgement, solid boundaries, and complementary wisdom that blends the right and left brain. Nothing but sacred space, integrity, and respect for a client’s well-being are present in Ellen’s professional practice. Above all else, Ellen’s work with me has achieved the essence of what shamanism is about … the heart and its ability to love. Her guidance that brought me back from the paralyzing depths the fear and illusions of my ego … presenced me again to a state of love for which I am very grateful!

R.E., Toronto, Canada

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If you have found your way to StoneWisdom’s doorstep, then consider yourself blessed, watched over and protected in some way. I have seen their work clear the most powerful light workers I know. Make no mistake: they are serving God alone in these ventures, and we are all thus blessed by their courage and determination to fulfill their purpose in this lifetime. They have literally saved my life and soul.

T.G., Royal Oak, MI

In many spiritual belief systems, we are told that the moment a problem occurs, God provides the solution. Many times Thane has been that solution. There are no words to express the depth of my gratitude for all he has done.


I feel very fortunate to have experienced Thane’s energetic abilities. Whenever I have needed clearing from invading, dark energies or negativity in my environment, Thane has helped me with his exceptional work. The energy change is palpable. I feel very grateful to him and recommend him very highly.