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Long Distance Healing

Most shamanic and energy techniques can be performed remotely. Since a client does not have to be physically present, we are able to work with clients in many different states in the U.S. and even abroad. This is also a nice option for clients when traveling for pleasure or business. Since Shamans are not limited by time and space, distance healing is done in a time and manner most beneficial to a client. This is simply modern physics melded with ancient wisdoms!

Traditionally, a time is arranged. The session begins with a telephone call from the client. Ideally, after discussion of the client’s issues and goals, the client lies down comfortably in their own home or preferred quiet space. We then reconnect by phone and the client is informed of what transpired. A typical session is 1 – 1.5 hours.

When Ellen first began her healing sessions with Dr. Villoldo, she flew back and forth from her midwest home to his west coast office. Although he assured her they could work long-distance, she was initially skeptical and therefore reluctant. Eventually, she agreed to try it. She was amazed and delighted to learn through experience that time and space are not barriers to one’s wellness and healing. It is every bit as effective as being in the same room and for many, far more practical than trying to meet with the Shaman in person.

Life Coaching

As part of our practice, we help clients identify and shift the “stuck” places in their lives. This can involve working with shamanic journeying, exploration of archetypical relationships, lingual deconstruction, energetic imprint and cord removals, dense energy combustion, perceptual shifting, goal reorientation and more. Many clients resolve their presenting issue in a single session. For a general “wellness” update, we recommend a series of four sessions. Other clients prefer to continue lifting their vibrational levels with ongoing work, reaching and maintaining new heights in their lives.

We greatly encourage all clients to continue any current medical treatments as our work, while speeding certain processes, is very complementary in nature. We also reserve the right to refer clients to other practioners and modalities. These may include but are not limited to: Naturopaths or holistic practioners, chiropractors, massage therapists, psychologists, certified Healing Touch practitioners, acupuncturists and western medicine doctors.

Please note: Clients should remain on any current medications unless withdrawing with the assistance of their prescribing medical practioner.