Red Tide and Us

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Red tide can be quite toxic

Red tide is nothing new. It is a perfect storm of events that Mother Nature presents to beaches and bays around the world. With it comes toxicities at time that can be quite harmful to the environments we know and love.

In recent times Florida has been taking a good licking from red tide. Hard to breathe air. Murky and caustic waters. Marine life put in danger. Many things come from this particular phenomenon. It has had impacts on our economies and commerce. It has had impact on the everyday enjoyment of stepping out of our front doors.

Can we as a group stop red tide? Probably not. Can we put efforts forward to bring knowledge and education to the forefront? YES!

We at Stonewisdom are striving to bring awareness to the communities about what red tide is, what it does, and how we can help lessen the impact of it on our homes, our communities, and our environment for the future.

For more information and things you can do to combat the effects red tide could be having on you please read our full blog post on red tide here.

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