Sarasota County and Potential Law Suit For Dumping Reclaimed Waste Water

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Image provided by Fox 13

Sarasota County has found itself, potentially, in hot water. Why? Well, for being the responsible party in a huge raw sewage reclaimed waste water dumping issue that is affecting multiple waterways, locals and environments. All of which could be leading to potential hazardous results for those affected.

Given that the particular information is largely in depth and involves several parties and fact finding we are going to link the information to the original source we at Stonewisdom found that brought the issue to our attention.

For those of us in Florida who could be feeling the backlash from this should be in the know. We felt it was our duty to point those who didn’t know to those who did. You can find the pertinent information in the article here from author

Additional reporting on the issue can be found here at Fox 13.