Resetting and Ascension Anxiety

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Welcome to our Stonewisdom blog! These writings are based on the shamanic & spiritual experiences in our lives, and also in answer to direct questions. You will find us musing about the answers in the glow of the Venice, Florida beach sunsets, where drumming and dance is a usual expression of our community’s deep joys. We hope you enjoy as well. Please email us with any questions!

It is rumored we are all on a divine journey home. A journey to remember who we really are. How many of us feel that? Do you feel “different” from the rest of the 3D world? Are you in doubt, fear, or very weary? Overly sensitive? Are headaches and sleeplessness troubling you? Ringing or buzzing in the ears? Doctors with no answers? Welcome to ascension pains. Welcome to awoke!

We are in a state of cellular “reset”. But humans want to see, hear, taste, smell, feel, experience and know. What does that mean to our journey? Most likely, we have the brakes on!

For many, the mind will not accept the reawakening of the human mind/body/energy/spirit connection into the New Human. As humans, we have the perfected, original blueprint. But earth and soul shifts have not yet gotten to where we all “get it.”

Light languages, or higher solar vibrations, are being impressed upon our planet and our energy bodies. Think of these as Light bodies, or auras. Intuition and synchronicity get stronger. Watch for it! These are the hints that the world is changing for the better. Yes, the process is through chaos. Yes, “ugly” is up to be seen, witnessed and transformed. No, the “old” is not going away easily or quietly. But it shall go away!

It may take generations before we know our new “norm.” We are part of the process. We have chosen to be. It is our honor and joy, even as we struggle. If you are reading this, know that we are the Light Ambassadors of the New Earth.

So BREATHE! Take conscious, deep breaths. Pull Light down through your crown chakra, and earth energy up through your root chakra. Mix them at your heart. Then imagine all colors lighting up every cell in your body, and radiating outward. These shifts are both internal and external. Breathe the Light, energy and colors in for 7 seconds. Hold for 7 seconds. Exhale slowly, for 7 seconds. Pause 7 seconds before the next breath. (If this is too long, start with 3 seconds, move to 5 and then to 7.) This is a simple but profound practice to improve how you feel. Do not become frustrated. Just breathe at your own pace, if that is best for you.

This simple breath work will help, even if you don’t do yoga, don’t meditate, are not vegan and don’t have time. We always find time to draw a breath. Breathe consciously a few breaths at a time. It can be done at a stop light, or in an elevator. It will fortify you. You are literally breathing in the frequencies of Light. It is pure, loving and restorative. The ascension will take care of itself. Be at peace.

We see you and we are in Love!

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