Gathering Our Wings

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Welcome to our Stonewisdom blog. For more information on shamans, shamanic training, events and teaching classes, please see the website. Please join us! This space is for mulling over the new and self-evident Truths that often present themselves in the still of the bird-song mornings, the walk among the flowering gardens and the warmth and sun of Venice, Florida beaches.

This is a short blog, just to reach out and embrace our epic hummingbird energy – the sweetness of Life – as winter settles upon so many. Dance with the dragonfly energy that allows us to flit and be experiential. The butterfly energy that is guiding our transformations on beautiful wings. Feel into it. Know this is who you have been becoming.

Now, let us stop a minute and consider our journey as the caterpillar. For caterpillars we have been, through long lifetimes of seeking. Seekers must Seek, more readily then they must breathe, rest or eat. If you are reading this, you are a Seeker. Your heart knows this.

The caterpillar is the one who slogged through all our traumas and dramas, past all the predators and dangers, making slow, inch by inch progress through the millenniums. The caterpillar forages. The caterpillar is a traveler. The caterpillar sets its sights on its goal and never stops working towards achieving it. At last, its epic journey brings it to a state of chrysalis. Cocooning. Blessed rest.

Yes, Old Souls, many of us feel like we have been safely tucked within our quiet, withdrawn cocoons. Non-engagement. No involvement. Not leaving the house. Never making decisions. All of this is absolutely fine. It’s been good. This has been a well-earned and necessary “twilight” period.

But are you feeling the urge to break free – to be free? Are you wondering if it is becoming unhealthy to you as a person to be absent from Life? Feeling “antsy” or “caged”?  Then don’t wonder. Do not hesitate, for the World truly needs your presence. Do not stay limp, lazy, or exclusionary in your cocoon (or on your electronics). Emerge! Welcome the new, for you are made anew. Fear has been conquered. Courage walks with you now. “I am free! I am free! We are free!” Say it with me.

Honor the industrious, often suffering, hard-working caterpillar you were for so long – through so many journeys – that has now redefined you. Your transformation into larger beauty, radiance, worthiness, wholesomeness and love is a sight to behold. You have grown the colorful wingspan that is uniquely you going forward.

Hesitate no longer. Come forth into the New You that has been waiting. The Future Self that has now been made known. Dear One, it is finally safe to be seen! It is glorious to spread your wings. Be uniquely you in this World and fly free!

We see you and we are in love!

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