Stonewisdom, Integrated Modality Practitioners

Stonewisdom, I.M.P. offers mind-body-energy-spirit solutions and functional classes for individuals and corporate retreats to inform, enlighten and enliven!

What can the ‘suburban shamans’ do for you?

Meet Thane & Ellen

Ellen and Thane are graduates of the Four Winds Society, Inc. Healing the Light Body™ certification program plus the two-year Mastery program. In 2006 they both completed the Way of the Sage Advanced Masters Program Sage Program and are Certified Advanced Practitioners in Soul Retrieval and Destiny Retrieval. Thane completed two years as a teacher assistant to Dr. Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds.

Thane and Ellen studied at the Irish Center for Shamanic Studies in Dunderry Park, Ireland and have taken classes in Nutrition, Physiology, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Body Talk System, NMT (NeuroModulation Technique) and Life Coaching.



Meet Thane & Ellen

What if miracles became everyday occurances and you became healthy, joyous and vital? Would you call it magic?

We call it simply the result of making the mind-body-spirit and Earth connections that shed your past and re-inform your future.

Shamanic and other alternative practices have generated a lot of interest lately. Why? Because you hold the key to your own healing. Shamanic and energy medicine practices are a return to what we, as people, already know but for the most part, have forgotten.

It is a natural, introspective, multi-layered approach to release, transmute and transform that which does not serve us and usher in that which is in our highest self interest. It is a place within and between worlds.