Why All Lives Matter (and it’s not political!!)

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Stonewisdom greets you from beautiful Venice, Florida!*  Covid 19, justified social unrest, and unnecessary rudeness, has changed the way we live. We have missed many sunsets at our beaches as well as missing the comradery of the people we love. Global situations have been keeping shamans busy. The situations that are evolving will take more patience, much heart, and extraordinary courage. But this is not time to lose optimism! The time of our new golden age is upon us, although it has not been easy.

Recently, I have been soundly criticized on social media for saying “all lives matter”. Here, I will again address this. They do!

I am sorry that “all lives matter” has been usurped as a slogan by a narrow, bigoted band of unreasonable people.  I have always advocated all lives matter as a core belief, not a t-shirt slogan!  Also, not for political expediency, and certainly not to support the frightened souls, and fringe groups, that are so terrified they cannot function in a changing world. I support all lives because life is precious. This is a great Truth.

Let me explain a bit more of whom we are as a family, and why all lives matter:

I am Irish – German, currently married to a man of German-Norse ancestry. I was married to a man who is African-American, Native American and Italian. I was blessed with three stepchildren. This included two wonderful (step) daughters, and an amazing, gay (step)son. Truthfully, there were never any “step” relationships in our lives. Everyone is equal. Everyone is family. Thus I was blessed by the first three children into my life, who are Caucasian – African-American, or “high yellow”, as it was called back then. This was the ’70s. We fought the white prejudice of intermingling with blacks. We fought a black culture unhappy white women marry black men. We fought the silent bigotry of the urban north in both New York City, and Detroit. The bigotry was very real, but still, all lives matter.

The covert bigotry was so prevalent we considered moving south, where prejudices were more overt. All kinds of heroes arise from the ashes of prejudice.  (See Love v Virginia, 1967 Supreme Court ruling legalizing interracial marriage.)  Marriage may have been legal, but by the late 70s and early 80s, the south was still practicing segregation, including schools, despite Brown v  Board of Education, a 1954 Supreme Court ruling that segregated public schools were unconstitutional. For our eldest son, dishonorably discharged from the US Army for being gay, he could receive no protection under Title VII the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Being in the military remained an “exemption” to equality and rights. Black and gay discrimination eventually took his life through alcohol. This was a sensitive young man who fought for this country, the country that killed him, not during war, but in its own back yard during peace times. Yes, all lives do matter!

I also have three incredible biological children. They grew up, still perplexed by prejudices, in a community, including schools and churches, that boasted a mix of 1/3 Hispanic, 1/3 black and 1/3 white.  This was the 1980s. Discrimination was deep but sometimes hidden.

My son from that first marriage married a beautiful Italian – Puerto Rican woman. They have three wonderful children. My daughter married a marvelous Irish – Mexican man. They have three incredible children. My sister and her Jewish husband have sons, one of whom is considering marrying his Japanese girlfriend. We’ll be proud to add an Asian branch to our family tree!

We are the United Nations of families, and yes, all these lives matter!

So before those of you who are so young that you don’t realize that we have been in the streets fighting, protesting, and working for corrective legislation against racial and gender inequality, give me a break!  Read some history. Don’t you think that I got tired of the glass ceilings, working twice as long and twice as hard, to receive lesser pay than men? I was fired in 1979 because I was pregnant.  My boss claimed I “sickened him” (since my child was multi-racial). I went to the EEOC,or Equal Employment Opportunity  Commission, to be informed that I, as a pregnant employee suffering racial discrimination, had no legal rights. No legal protections. These types of issues are not new, but they remain insidious. We are still fighting the good fight!

Surprised? In revered shamanic tradition, you “young’uns” need to listen to the stories and histories of your elders. So much wisdom comes from life!

To those of you feeling older and complacent, let me repeat – “these issues are not new!” We have failed to resolve them in a sane, inclusive, even”WWJD” kind of way. Our country contains too many “Christianists”, who by definition claim themselves to be “holier than thou” and with a God-given right to judge others.  Jesus never said (or did) that! Don’t blame God for your narcissism or fears! God didn’t indoctrinate you against the miracle that is his unique humans. Yes, “Christianist” is a real word (look it up!) and a real-world problem. All lives matter!

You ask why I continue to fight for love and equality. Why we of Stonewisdom command fairness, kindness and justice for all. Why we so vehemently reject tyranny, and are dedicated to healing in this world.

Did you miss the part that we are blessed with grandchildren?

We fight for them. We fight for your children and your children’s children, too.  We defend you, exactly where you are, as imperfect as we all are, in this emotional, scary and deeply painful 3D world. We are manifesting a better world!

Oh, my third biological child? She looks exotically Middle Eastern (and is often mistaken for such in a world that persecutes those of Eastern faiths). She and her amazing significant other may one day bless us with more grandchildren! That precious child(ren) will be a combination of Irish, German, African-American, Native American, Italian, and…more African-American! Yes, black lives matter! Yes, all lives matter.

White nationalists, or other bigoted people, are a very frightened, outspoken, close-minded minority group, terrified of change.  They mirror that out onto others, and I am sorry for their pain. They know how they have treated minorities and are terrified because they have become one. Yes, the grass is always greener and, well, karma…

If you know something that requires changing, you always think about it, but you won’t look at it, and you do nothing, you are denying any change that needs to happen. You are not planting a “seed”, nurturing the new growth, or harvesting the fruition for your future. Your old “crops” (ways of sustenance) are withering and dying. How will you survive? Can you thrive in such barren soul soil?

Ironically, I am writing this on the Solstice 2020, during eclipse energy, and a new galactic-light portal opening! Don’t be part of the problem. Yes, even the lives of bigots matter as much as anyone else’s. It takes much soul searching and forgiveness to know this. Like the frightened children they are, they strike out in illegal, violent, and untenable ways. These bullies have temper tantrums. We must now agree this may not be allowed to continue. Not in these new energies! It cannot. Those still “asleep” must face their wake-up call, and soon, but their lives do matter. All lives matter. That Jesus did say!

The shamanic myth of the Rainbow Bridge is a bridged link between Heaven and Earth. It is not a bridge built by politics, technical skills, corporate contract, or great wealth. We, you and I, each of us, are that bridge. Yes, the “rainbow” refers to the colors of our chakra systems, and the high frequency colors and light energy we emit, but every person, you and I through our holy souls, are part of the rainbow colored – bridge of all humanity. That is, as soon as we Free Will choose to be.

To sum it up, in case this has gotten confusing, my family is Irish, German, African – American, Native American, Italian, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Catholic, Jewish and nondenominational, with varying gender choices. We hope to be welcoming someone Japanese into our family soon.

We are not “living the dream”. We ARE the dream. Yes, all our lives matter!

We see you and we are in love.

*Disclaimer: Our Stonewisdom teaching blog is not politically affiliated. Personally, we are lifelong Independents who always vote, but vote according to the ideals and mores (valued based actions), of the individual candidate. We are committed to observing, healing, and “doing” as required in alignment to great cosmic Truths. The statements in these blogs, especially during these “re-boot” times, will mean this blog could offend some people.

Congratulations! If you are offended, you are at least attempting to listen, and actually hear, a differing viewpoint. Namaste!



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