Reviving an Old Soul

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Welcome to Stonewisdom’s blog amidst the confusion of pandemic and political posturing. Even Venice, Florida has not been immune to the turmoil.

Anyone feeling exhausted yet? Impatient? Sigh.

Here is a recent Covid comment: “The Coronavirus is turning us all into hunks, chunks or drunks!” That sentiment may be funny in a world gone weary. Here in the USA the most unimaginable things are presenting, and it’s simply “Ho-hum. Another day.” We are numb. We are normalizing tyranny by not feeling newly outraged at every nuance.  That is a worn-out society.

So, BREATHE! Once again, just breathe. Breath is life. It is divine. Breath is prayer. Draw in the air/prana/chi/energy deep into your lungs. All the way to your belly and into every cell. Feel yourself light up! Do this a couple of times. This is Conscious Breathing.

Conscious Breathing relaxes and soothes, balances and nourishes. It can be done anywhere and anytime. More effective than counting to 10 when you are angry or trying to distract yourself from boredom eating. Breathe and meditate during time you might have restlessly engaged on social media.

The air, light and oxygen have never been sweeter! That is the changing vibration of our world. Strengthen your chakra pillar (center) with breath. There is no need to understand this system within you or go to an energy practitioner who does. Just draw in a sweet ray of bright, white light through the top of your head (crown), through your spinal column, down each leg and out each foot into the earth. You have done all you need in this moment. The mechanics are taking care of the rest. Cleansed!

Take deep breaths through the storms of misdirection and misinformation. Deeper breaths for “birthing” through to the “new you” and our 5D Earth. Take deep, mindful breaths.

Add color, sound and light. An inexpensive “day corrected” light for those living in cloudy climates is essential. A cycling color spectrum light (rotating colors of the chakras) are easily available. Portable, rechargeable and recharging. (Use as a soft nightlight in children’s bedrooms!) Sound frequencies such a beautiful classical music, OM and other chants. Play crystal bowls, American Native-type flutes or grounding drums. You do not have to play well, but you do have to let your soul play and release! Use sage and crystal spray blends in your home, car and on yourself.

A blend of color, light, sound and breathe is how we refresh (and restore) our weary souls. Yes, Light Workers, we can be tired right down into our soul. Bedrest and TV “veg time” are human, fun and necessary but not replenishing for an ailing Old Soul.

Covid hunk, chunk or drunk? How about “monk”? Take this time of reclusiveness and social distancing to indulge in your soul’s health. Enjoy, do not resent, the respite! The world will stay remarkably busy for a long time, with or without your hyper-engagement in every moment. You are needed for greater and more productive things going forward.

Take deep breaths, spread your emerging wings and choose to leap!

We see you and we are in love!

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