Time to Choose Love or Fear

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Welcome back to the Stonewisdom blog from Covid-krazy Florida! The Venice Beach sunsets continue to be stunning. Gardens are flourishing and “we the people” are confused by our leaders and the coronavirus numbers we hear. This is the bondage of unreliable political machinations! 

We are all still community, each with differing challenges. Each with our own strengths, talents and gifts. It [should] always be the goal of any “teacher” to be “met” or “equaled” by the student. Even surpassed. This way, the “teacher” continues to learn. Symbiosis, not hierarchy. 

Keep this in mind as you search for answers in a sea of confusion. We all share a vast consciousness. Together we are breaking down the walls of the old systems such as “superiority” or “better than thou.” Those “lessons” have never been true. We simply became too intimidated to love ourselves and be kind to (ourselves and) all others. 

Imagine a ladder of people stretching from earth to the stars. Feet on one another’s shoulders. Each person holding up the next, then the next, and so forth. A human ladder of 9 billion people! Let’s break it down into 9 ladders, each with 1 billion humans piled on top of one another. At the base of each ladder is one person, holding the entire mind/body/soul burden of the 999,999,999 other people above. Do you choose to be that person? 

Or would you prefer a horizontal line of people, all 9 billion, standing hand-in-hand in a line, encircling this beautiful earth. Everyone necessary. Everyone equal. There is no “front” or “back” to this circle. No “first” or “last.” 

These are the choices we are seeing. The one choice we must make and have free will to embrace. The time of choosing is right now! In a world of masking, you are being asked to remove the mask you have worn since childhood. Let your light shine through and your heart love! Find humor in political differences of opinion-it’s impossible to reason with unreasonable fear. 

In addition to polarizing politics, including all lies in ads and speeches, Black Lives Matter, #Me Too, children separated from parents and in cages, a broken economy, record unemployment and safety concerns, Covid has us wearing paper or cloth masks over our emotional masks. Let your eyes smile! Do the prudent, considerate thing to protect the health of others. Wear the health mask. They make a difference! Covid masking intensely for a few weeks is a short, relatively painless exercise for healing the World. 

Be compassionate and patient online, in person, in thought and with yourself. Remember, we are all in a virtual-reality line up, holding hands around the globe. Soon we will be hugging again! 

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