It Is The Time of Revelations not a bad thing

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Welcome to Stonewisdom’s blog, located in sunny Venice, Florida. While it is always a stunning Gulf-shore community, Venice and our own gardens, have been a golden retreat during the pandemic and recent years of dangerous politicking that has temporarily gripped our world.

I say “temporarily” because the light from the sun and all our souls shine with  crystalline resiliency. Every moment, bigger light is shining into darker spaces. Why? Simply because we ask for it. We pray it. We manifest it into our ascending reality. It becomes our new frequency.

Today I wish to address Revelations from the Bible. So many people are looking for “marks of the beast,” and the “third Antichrist,” and “Horsemen of the Apocalypse.” Seek and ye shall find because we create it. For example, the upcoming “extraterrestrial disclosure” that is scheduled to happen in June of this year (2021). Will we meet these beings in peace or war? Love or fear? War has no advantage to Earth, except some of its rich get richer.

So, what is Revelations? I think it is before us now, but not as desperate people intent on interpreting a difficult and confusing passage would think. Over 2000 years ago, the fate of earth and humanity was unknown. Everything has been a test. Revelations describes potentials, many negative ones which have already been successfully thwarted by us, the collective. We decided on a better, brighter narrative for our world.

If Revelations is not prophetic, or an inexact science, then what is it? I believe it was always a “clue” for these unique energetic times. Look at all that is becoming “known.” Look at the corruption, greed, human trafficking, and dark money stories that are being revealed. See the inequality and violence perpetrated upon one another, the earth, her environments and all its occupants that are now being reported in the news. The devastation to our waters, forest, air, resources is being noted and addressed. Look at all the [specific] names of politicians, leaders, athletes, movie stars, Royalty, the Uber-rich and their scandals that are being revealed and (hopefully) punished, instead of hidden. No one can be above the law when it is God’s law [please substitute in whatever deity, or universal organizing principle you believe in]. A wise woman once told me, “God don’t like ugly.” And the “ugly” is now being showcased in the light for all to see.

These dark seeds sprouted into the light. This is Revelations! The emerging leaks of darkness are now being “realized.” By this, I mean being seen. Once you see it, you cannot unsee it. This is how change occurs. Yes, Revelations is indeed upon us and isn’t that a great opportunity, my dear Avatars, Star children and Old Souls? Stay grounded and keep witnessing! This is what you have come here for at this time. Light Warriors, the battle is won.

We see you and we are in love.

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