2020 Expectations

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Welcome to our shamanic Stonewisdom blog from beautiful Venice, Florida!

This New Year has ushered in a new decade. Our intent for you and yours is health, happiness, joy & artful abundance! Remember; the Law of Attraction (LOA) really has only one rule to remember: “align, align, and align your vibration!” Be in alignment (or vibratory co-resonance) with the thing you wish to manifest.  “You get more bees with honey than vinegar”…so to speak.

How is this done? Remove any obstacles between you and your desires. Obstacles such as feeling hopeless;  unworthy;  frightened;  angry, or; anxious. Not to worry – what you desire is already on its way! Your desires are already “earned” or “rewarded” or “blessed” if that is how you resonate with the idea of receiving. Anything can be yours for the asking if you allow and open up to receive.

The “catch” is this: these metaphysical rules operate outside of linear time. Do not make assumptions about dates and times, for you will probably be disappointed. Spirit does not operate like that. Spirit delivers when you are in alignment and can stay in that conducive (conductive!) vibe. Just align, articulate your desire and be at peace about it. Manifestation can be immediate, even in our 3D World. I think we will see more of that.  But time is often more holographic. Worrying about it will simply slow down the deliverance of your desires. Getting discouraged will slow the process further and dropping out of vibratory alignment will pause the delivery process indefinitely. So KNOW YOUR DESIRES WITH CLARITY and be patient.

This year, 2020 brings “20-20 sight” or “perfect insight”. This is our year to get clear and pursue new beginnings, even if the first few months may look chaotic. I believe more ugliness will come up into the light to be shown & known for release. It must be so. Regrettably, I think some of it will involve defenseless children and the uncaring cowards that prey on them. Please, please pray for them!

Our bumpy road forward will also unfold unexpected blessings and  new wonders. Stay alert! Celebrate every good vibe.

So 2020 is the year of easier manifestation along with huge creativity! Connections will be made. We can all co-create good things on Earth like never before. In numerology, 2020 is an earthy, grounding number (4). It is also the number of duality which becomes easier to see and heal with this 2020 Gift of Clarity.

What if I said life is about to “be” easier despite appearances to the contrary? What if each of us prayed one simple thought every morning and every evening: “May life be easier for me and all others.”  That’s it. Just “may life be easier.”

Spirit is listening. Let’s get talking.

I see you & I am in love!

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