Autumn Energy Changes

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Welcome to our Stonewisdom blog from sunny Venice, Florida! One of the nicest things about our shamanic community is its relaxed atmosphere. Oh, and how that does change with the seasonal arrival of the “snow birdies”! They bring such stress, tension, and often, northern illnesses. Their arrival is a bittersweet thing for us “year ‘rounds”.

But they settle in, and typically, beach-loving people here are pleasant and nonjudgmental. It’s an easier life. How many feel they live somewhere where bullying and body-shaming are not “normal” occurrences? No judgments for how people dress, act or interact. Acceptance for who we truly are. It is a simple pleasure. No, we are not perfect. Far from it. But we are generally kind.

I have been reflecting on the energies of 2020. Many of you have heard me say it is “new beginnings! Be ready.” I do think change will continue at a fast pace. Those who have kept resisting will have no more time and little choice. Change cannot be stopped. It can be guided and moderated.

I believe it has been, and will continue to be, a dicey time for relationships and health issues. New strangers will be entering our lives. Who will you attract?  2020 will be rapid…perhaps rabid…change. If strangers act out; are cruel; pushy; intrusive; even insulting; please forgive them but do not engage them! Others old emotions such as fear, anger, and arrogance (false ego) will do that but should have no more power in your personal world. Keep your calm. Do not lower yourself (and by that, I mean your vibration) to their level.

Today a grown man screamed at a bewildered teen on the sidewalk. A cashier said someone had thrown a bag of candy at her at check out. She didn’t know why, but was made so angry she wanted to throw something at someone else. Do you see how inappropriateness feeds upon people? Drivers appear to have lost their minds (and please, get off the cell phones!) Fights break out over parking spaces. Pedestrians must run for their own safety. People are discontent, even depressed. I predict these behaviors will get worse before they get better. Expect an assaultive year of politics, election lies, challenges on personal rights and fiscal manipulations ahead. What to do?

Keep your sunny-side up!! Stay patient and optimistic. Be the Earth Angels we need with kind words, compassionate acts and considerate habits. Then do not expect the same in return, for if you are reading this, you are probably better prepared for the ascension process; its symptoms and effects; and how resistance only frustrates by delaying the world at large.

So, hang in there! Stand strong in the eye of the storms. Be the change and the Light you want our world to be. Just BE the perfect being that you already are! And please check out Stonewisdom’s You Tube, family friendly Divine Whisperings, for sleep aid and/or meditation. Stay grounded!

In the coming days, should you become the victim of someone’s unbridled rudeness; criticized or ridiculed; or if you have ever been the victim of teasing, bullying,  body shaming or other imposed insecurities, please see You Tube: Light language can vibrationally help you heal old wounds. I admire practitioner Marlene Cronin’s work and her Light is easy to see.

Yes, 2019 brought a lot of “endings” and the new 2020 “birthings” might be messy, but they will occur. Some with joy!  Stay your shining self and know all will become known.

I see you and I am in love!

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