5 Necessary Actions to Create a Compassionate World

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Welcome to our Stonewisdom blog! We are focusing much intent on healing for the Gulf Coast and Red Tide situation. We, the caring, will save the Venice, Florida beaches, marine life and human health. We will positively affect the economy. Join us! This is the World we will leave for our children’s children.

Do you believe consciousness can change things? This is the Study of Coherence. The Man of the Future is an elevated, elegant consciousness. Q: What fuels self-change? A:  What you think and do. The formula is (consciousness + words + intent) = change. This is a new Practical Esoteric Paradigm of Consciousness, and something we all need to learn. In the old energies, we greatly resisted. Now we live with the Love and compassion of the Masters surrounding us.  We can escape our very old paradigms of  “stinkin’ thinkin”. It’s all in how we choose to approach, every day, to do things right now.

“Habit rules the unreflecting herd.” – William Wadsworth

HABIT. In the morning, put your foot on the floor. Pause. Dictate your benevolent day to yourself, aloud. Habit has taught us, through the ages, to fear the changes and not expect benevolence. Instead of the Habit of the Fearful Unknown approach, create a bubble around yourself by your words and compassion, cognizing our ability to do this. We can do this! Make a statement to Self:

“I create benevolence in my life. This is a benevolent day because I’ve created it. All things that would come at me that are not a reflection of my magnificence will be handled and solved by compassion. Issues may seem difficult. It may seem like the same things that hit me every day, but not anymore, because I will surround them with solution. I may not see it right away, but I am going to do this every day, because as I do this every day, my surrounding bubble becomes stronger and stronger and the solutions begin. The darkness shall not conquer me!” Benevolence is  the easiest of 5 necessary changes upon this Planet.

PITFALLS is defined here as “those who don’t have your consciousness that then make it tough for you.” These are the people who simply don’t like us. Here is the challenge: “I am not going to let that happen!” When we see them coming, including the family member who irritates us most, inside we say:

“This is the benevolence of compassion. I see the God in them. They may be distressed. In trouble. Unbalanced. They do not know that I KNOW. Bless them in the Oneness of All Things.”

This is tough. Be wholly present and don’t judge. Your bubble is not affected! Not affected! Not affected! You have changed dramatically and nothing they can do will affect you anymore.

BETRAYAL is one of the most difficult things for a Human Being to ever set aside. Sometimes it’s done by those who die next to you before their time. Betrayal! They weren’t supposed to go yet.  Betrayal from God itself, the Creative Source. Betrayal by those who hurt you in different ways, this life or past lives. Betrayal by those who are supposed to love you now! This is very hard, because betrayal etches into you a sorrow that cannot be forgotten. You don’t want to go there because it’s too painful.

Look them in the eye, whoever has betrayed you, or the ones who continue to betray you. In your mind, look them in the eye and say :

“I love you. I understand the unbalance, your fear that created this betrayal. We are one and the same, with God inside. You were just not aware of the beauty and compassion that I’ve discovered. You could not be. But you will be! But meanwhile, I love you and I forgive you.”

Forgiveness is more than tough! Some cannot do it. You can never reverse what happened, but you can reverse your reaction to it. This is an elevated exercise of what’s coming to an advanced plant.

HATRED. Political polarization is in the USA as never before. The civil war only started it. Never has there been a time with such blinding disappointment and hatred with leadership. Depending on which side you fall on, some will always hate the leaders no matter what.

This must be faced off and dissolved. Hatred is self-destructive. For those in this situation,and that is more than ½ the country, this is what you do: Place a Bubble of Light around [the disputed leader(s)], so wherever they walk, He or She can see more Light than they would without you. This requires dropping hatred. Be circumspect, take a deep breath and say,

“I am going to take this man, this women, these people, this party, no matter what they are saying or doing, or what I personally believe, and put an esoteric bubble of love and compassion around them so the Light will be there when they need it, because, they need it! “ This is very tough.

You must go to a Center of Advanced Consciousness that says, “Not my candidate(s), but I can still send Love and Light there!” This is so you can sit next to them, have a conversation with them, say:

“Can you join me in sending Love and Light to the leadership of this nation?  Together we have an energy and compassion that is far greater than any hatred or arguments or words that may fly between us.”

This is similar to asking them to join you in praying for these leaders.  Sending Light together  to the Oval Office is the answer, regardless of who is in there. This is the Evolution of Consciousness, Old Souls! We are prepared for this. We have the ancient lineages for this.

CHANGE.   The biased energy we have carried from very old times, until now, must be circumvented. Challenging habit with benevolence, pitfalls with kindness , betrayal with forgiveness, hatred with Light and change with consciousness. How many of these are viable for you? How many will you have to work hard on? Old Souls, we are the only ones who can do this! The newbies can’t. They just can not. But this new consciousness will lay a foundation on Earth for those yet to come, who will learn, know, and then practice these 5 elements as naturally as they will breathe.

*We see you and we are in Love! With extra thanks and honor to Lee Carroll and the Kryon entourage.

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