Blame the Tide

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Welcome to our Stonewisdom blog! These writings are based partially on the shamanic and Spiritual experiences in our lives, and in answer to direct questions. We find ourselves recognizing Universal  answers in the last  glow of the Venice, Florida beach sunsets.  We hope you enjoy as well.

Many are asking lately why energies are so “wonky”. People feel tipsy, agitated, exhausted, confused. Simply “off”. Even those more consciously following an evolving path are struggling. How can we fly so high and free in some moments and feel so crashed and burned the next?

Blame the tide.

2018 is a Tiding Turning year! The World has opened portals of ascension, garnered Light beings’ assistance and Source is reprogramming human consciousness. We are moving from survival into a thrival place of full empowerment and recollection. Sourced by Light, our stuck “four bodies” are coming back online. Our Collective Systems of Shutdown are being repaired, so welcome back, emerging butterflies! Dry your wings and prepare for flight!

Our karmically connected Physical Body is releasing in order to step into its innate health. No more dis-ease. No more body-shaming. The Emotional Body became overburdened through trauma and shut down its loftier, truth-seeking functions. Now, no more lies. Fear is a liar. Our Spiritual Body found the densities that overcame Earth too painful and it disconnected. We falsely believed we were separate. The only body left functioning was our Mental Body, which took charge. It did its best but colluded with ego, in a World revolving on competition, scarcity, survival of the fittest and panic. We have been made numb.

Ponder your Emotional Body. What wisdom has it been trying to reveal to you? Are you reconciled? Forgiven? At peace? What are your dreams telling you? Ask your Physical Body what it needs. Have you released your stories of pain, illness, victimhood? Are you willing to treat yourself more kindly? Will you move more, eat and drink less, if need be? Unplug from electronics enough to reset the innate calm of your central nervous system (CNS)? What about your Spiritual Body? What gifts are so uniquely yours that this World is so honored, just by your Being here? Do you forego judgment and (un)righteousness in order to live as a transparently Light Being? Do you radiate Love?

Lastly, forgive your Mental Body. It was hijacked. It worked overtime in so many lifetimes. Fear, plagues, brutality, persecutions, criticisms, threats. This body kept awake and made records in our memories, cells and DNA, while our other 3 bodies slept through the deepest terrors known on Earth. Thank you, Mental Body. You did your best. We now remember better Light memories to re-connect with.

We are rebalancing and integrating the synergy of all 4 levels of body. Willingness to connect through an open heart, in whole-heartedness, is what helps us rise above our Collective Wounding, until recently immersed in three dimensional (3D) denseness. Now we can fill our mind/body/emotion/soul with fifth dimensional (5D) Light frequency and its inherent healing and repair. It is here we re-embrace our multidimensional gifts, abilities, Truth and Source cohesiveness, or Oneness. This is evolution. This is rememberance.

2018 is a magical ride at times, and a nearly impassable road at other times. We have come nearly Full Circle. Never again be discouraged. Temperance and discernment serve us. You are a brilliant Source of Light, strength and Love, and we’re glad you’re here. Just Be. And trust your wings!

We see you and we are in Love!


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