Change a Birth Contract, Change Your Life!

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Welcome to our Stonewisdom blog! These writings are based partially on the shamanic experiences in our lives and also in answer to client questions. Often we find ourselves musing about the answers in the glow of the Venice, Florida beach sunsets, where drumming and dance is a usual expression of our community’s deep joys! We hope you enjoy as well!

We are often asked about the idea of birth contracts. What are they? Do we make them? When? And how do they affect our lives?

A birth contract is a binding Agreement, on an incarnating souls level, with another or soul group that something will “be”-will occur, act out, limit, teach, enhance or ruin your life in a way seldom understood, often frustrating and lacking mastery. Whew!  It all sounds good when we are in a healed state of joy but Schoolhouse Earth can kick a “little butt”!

Imagine agreeing to many big things, both wonderful and terrible and then forgetting the terms you agreed to.  Uh-oh! We forget in our birthing process what it is we have agreed to come and learn. You, Old Souls, take on more and bigger every life time! This can be bewildering and challenging at best. Yes, we make them then we forget we are bound by Agreement…

Well-intended life lessons and reunions may “play out” differently in the actual human interplay called LIFE. Please note birth contracts are different than past life contracts but either can have a “stalling” effect in your life. Let’s say you’ve come to learn the less of self-esteem via the hands of an abuser in this life. That lesson won’t be easy.

Let’s assume you persevere and not just survive but THRIVE after that abusive parent or teacher or boss experience. With great personal sacrifice on a mind-body-emotion-energy-spirit level, you have sought help, erected healthy boundaries and changed your circumstances only to now marry a bully. Or you divorced an abuser simply to find yourself once again attracted (over and over!) to a similar type of personality. What the heck?! We’ve all been there.  When it comes to these contracts “what I thought it meant” may not be what plays out in your life.

Ending or modifying a birth contract can free you from these life-cycles and open up the unlimited possibilities for what comes next for you in this life. Sound good?

Many modalities and practioners have various ways to reach and heal these contracts.  We of Stonewisdom urge you to seek such a well-versed practioner, including your shaman. Changing a difficult birth contract will verify your sanity to you and enrich your potential as to what comes next. Change can be immediate or integrated slowly over time, so be observant!

No guilt. No blame. No time to waste! If you’re struggling with the unexpected and undesirable results of a birth contract that no longer serves you, be the change you wish to see! We offer you encouragement, blessings and Truth on your journey. We see you and we are in love!

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