I Know My Worth

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Welcome to the Stonewisdom blog. These writings are not contained only to the shamanic but expand in answer to the questions and issues others have asked us, and also the musings and “downloads” that occur as we now contemplate with glowing insight the sunsets of Venice, Florida. We stand in love!

Today’s question is on Self-Worth. To paraphrase: “How can I know I am worthy and worthwhile when it seems my whole life the World has been telling me something different”? Ouch. OK, Dear One, here we go:

Who in your life has taught you the most difficult lessons? Was it an absent mother or abusive father? Perhaps it was a derisive ex-lover or a disdaining child? What about the close friend who betrayed you?

How irritating is it that we who seek big answers to painful questions are told “at some level” we agreed to be treated so poorly! That we “attracted” it or “contracted” for it or had a karmic debt that steered our lives into chaos. How hopeless does it feel to be the “damaged one” who keeps attracting the same lessons? Well, I salute you for your courage in the face of all these lies!

Let me ask you, though, tired one, old soul, how steadfast are you in your knowledge…true Knowing…that you are absolutely Worthy?! Do you start and end your day “being” and saying “I am the one who knows that I am Worthy of living my life regardless of _____(fill in the blank with a name, situation, low vibrating emotion)____ .” “I am Worthy no matter how harshly I have judged myself in error. I am Worthy no matter how much I have been blamed (or blamed another). I am Worthy even when others cloak me in shame, pain, envy, doubt , ridicule  or ____(fill in the blank)___ .”

To those great teachers, we say “thank you” for the lesson that I may claim my power back no matter how challenging my tests under your tutelage have been.  I now understand that when I Know I am Worthy of all things then I Know I am of all things and I choose to align to the divine spark, the Source connection we all are; we all have. “Thank you for pushing me to remember that Truth about who I am”. Oh, and by the way, I now strip down out of the tattered garments of who you wanted me to be and step forth in my golden cloak of light and color that adorns me in who I truly am.

As I step away from the negativity of old and finished lessons, I may require myself to step away from you as well. So thank you, terrible old roles, lessons and teachers. I bless you into the light where we shall someday meet again. But for now, I am jump-starting my heart for I am loveable; I am loved; I am Love itself. And so it is.

If you wish, make a list of all you give yourself permission in Truth to be: (example):

I give myself permission to be 1) healthy; 2) wealthy; 3) beautiful; 4) vibrant; 5) successful; 6) joyful; 7) connected; 8) artistic; 9) patient; 10) seen and heard; 11) compassionate; 12)  kind to myself; 13) wise; 14) slender; 15) strong; 16) famous; 17) loving; 18) orgasmic; 19) free 20) wonder-filled; 21) creative; 22) safe; 23)  adventurous;  24) smart; 25) ____(fill in the blanks with more)_____ ………

We see who you are and we are in love. Namaste’.

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