Making Peace with My Inner Child

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Welcome to the Stonewisdom blog. These writings are not contained to the shamanic, but expand in answer to the questions others have asked us, and also the musings and “downloads” that occur as we now contemplate with glowing insight the beach sunsets of Venice, Florida. We stand in love!

So, the question that came up is “Why after [years] of searching, healing, experiencing modalities, do I still remain at odds with my inner child?” A good question! And a good question always leads to an eternal Truth.

Dear One, how about I compliment you on the strength and dexterity of an inner child who will never be satisfied until she/he learns the full truth of how powerful; limitless; and beloved you are! This is a Truth we often deny ourselves. We are lied to; feel persecuted; or are told to be patient while we [go through lifetimes of] peeling some proverbial onion of all its layers to get to the core of who we are. The truth is we are hiding our light under those layers. Perhaps we don’t feel safe or we negatively self-judge ourselves  and then teach others how to treat us poorly in collusion with ourselves….and how is that working for you?!?

What happens when our stubborn inner child insists and we allow, yes, permit our Greater Selves to attend to our needs? To lovingly wash our faces, change our diapers, baking our bread, soothing our nightmares. To parent us in Truth like we have probably never been parented in 3D reality.  This Greater Self , the Truth of who we really are, washes, heals, cleanses, massages, rocks and hugs us. Then regularly takes out our garbage! We are protected as we awaken to the lies and helplessness, even hopelessness that was spoon fed to us by others. We get burped, patted and allowed to grow by our parental Greater Self.  Thankfully, apples don’t fall far from the precious tree.

We continue to dig roots and spread branches in preparation for the luscious fruits we are becoming (and in Truth we already are), while still supported, surrounded and melded with our energetic light spark; our guardian angels; our guides; power animals; our Greater Self with whatever faces we can perceive them as. During our journey we are the head-strong child who will fall before she/he walks or runs or dances in ecstasy. We are the one who shall explore in our own way-inevitably the hard way-but a righteous way, nonetheless.

Let us become the bird of flight perched in the strong and vital tree we have become. Let us unfurl our wings and become eager to fly! Let us come to our Greater Selves, humbled by and delighted with ourselves, for we know ourselves in our light; our worth; our love and our dreams. We know ourselves in our Truth, at least our inner child certainly does, and she/he will not settle for us to be less.

Who is this Divine One who parents us while we scrape knees and resist harnessing and learn to shine our light? For myself, I call her Divine Ellen, for that is who she and I (as inseparable), actually are. I am my own mirror. I am all the ages. I am the one who births me, remembers me, subsumes me and reunites me. I am the one I was looking for and my inner child, bless her, would not give up until she found me.  Enjoy this miraculous game of hide and seek! Don’t forget to listen to the laughter of your delighted children within! They know who you are.

We see who you are and we are in love. Namaste’.

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