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Welcome to our Stonewisdom shamanic blog from sunny, beautiful Venice, Florida. As we head deeper into Fall, inching past our harvests and towards winter hibernations, there is a feeling of tranquility that has come over us. The earth’s cycles can be felt no matter where we walk.

Today Thane and I were discussing one of the tenets from the medicine wheel and an attribute of our varied trainings: to keep things within, even from ourselves, when necessary. It is a deep concept (and an interesting struggle) unless one has mastery in self-awareness and has embraced “awakening”.

Those among us who are energy sensitive; see auras; sense illness; or perhaps “know” things about others, have a responsibility to keep unsolicited information to themselves. Unless asked for input or aid, we must keep to ourselves the “secret” of whatever information we may have gleaned. And, I will add, inadvertently gleaned, for it is not OK to scan, read, view or otherwise snoop through someone’s privacy without permission. Permission is the irrefutable rock that our personal shamanic life thrives upon. Snooping is just ego. Telling is just gossip.

To “see” uninvited and speak up is to thrust the other person into an awareness that perhaps should not happen. Simple “noticing” sends energy.  Observation and identification can trigger a benign situation. Perhaps someone has a latent illness or is in remission. It may very well be foolhardy to bring energy to it without permission. It could be ego at a minimum or sorcery at the worst.

Remember, how someone lives their life is their purpose here. We do not foster unwanted lessons,  paths, fears, criticism, karma or other negative encounters upon others. Never assume they “need to know”. Perhaps they do not. Perhaps they know and have a level of peace and acceptance that you are unable to fathom. They may be in agreement with the path they walk for reasons that are their own. As practitioners, teachers and part of the human collective, we cannot stress this enough: Know when to keep your own counsel.

We are not meant to volunteer to be someone else’s “cause & effect”. Those plans were put into motion, by Agreement with others, before birth. So do not impose upon another’s Free Will choices. Don’t cultivate their doubts or fears. Never presume someone’s timeline, even if they want to know.

We are occasionally asked for a divination regarding how long someone will live. Usually they want to know their “expiration date” in this life so they can “budget” their resources and assets. It may sound reasonable. No one wants to run out of money prematurely and suffer in old age or fail to enjoy their life to the fullest – having fun, traveling, gifting, bucket listing or whatever.  However, we do not use divination in this way.

Every timeline is simply a “suggestion”. Every “fate” is only a possibility. Each person authors their own story. We paint our own portraits. Each person determines when they take their last breath. That means yes, bless and pray for others if they want you to. But as an energy practitioner or “healer” of any type, don’t force what you think you are witnessing into someone’s malleable belief system. Do no harm!

We have been reading Paul Selig’s newest book,  Beyond the Known: Realization. In it, his guides give similar basic rules for our emerging new world. To paraphrase, know when to hold your words (page 65). Just because your brain concludes, does not mean your tongue should wag.

Be the beauty, and change, you wish to see in this world by changing only yourself. See yourself and all others through the perfect eyesight of the divine beings we all are.

And may the world see you in your divine perfection, as well.

I see you and I am in love!

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