The Need to Cocoon

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Greetings! Welcome to the Stonewisdom blog from the sunny, wind-blown shores of Venice, Florida, where a shamanic lifestyle is welcome, life is easier and nature is entwined within our lives and souls. We pray you as much beauty and joy in your own chosen home.

That said, have you been hunkering down? Cocooning? Even hiding out? Do you feel desperate to get into Nature to cool, cleanse and soothe yourself? If not, you are one of the few.

August 2019 and leading up to it has been ferocious. Strong. Even pushy. The energy has been full of power and fury. Yes, we have just passed through the gates of the Lion, who roared loudly and challenged us mightily.

The next few weeks will be ripe for inner and outer exploration of self and Nature. We thank those of you who added prayers and energy to the diffusing and redirecting of Hurricane Dorian. The same as Hurricane Irma was guided to turn up the Peace River, sparing western Florida, several years ago, Dorian is diminishing. The monster storms that weren’t. Can you viscerally feel your true power when you realize you helped corral and tame a Category 5 storm? Think on that. It is a huge lion energy, including the high time of tides, and at this writing, we are still making peace with it, yet the battle is won.

That brings us to the sudden quiet of seasonal change.  The Fall Equinox will soon be upon us. Schedules are shifting. The weather is turning. We are back to school, back to work and back to harvesting. 2019 was a fruitful year of tremendous change, but not necessarily easy. Relationships, homes, jobs, our bodies and our thoughts were all shifting. Many are still in flux. Evolving has been exhausting.

We urge you to lay low in these next  few weeks. Rest. Pamper yourself. This is not indulgence, my sensitive friends. This is maintenance!

Then join shamans around the globe for the fire keeping gatherings of Equinox 2019. It can be a 24/7 tended bonfire, it can be an electric light or a tea candle, including battery operated. Do this alone, in tandem , with your tribe family or other group. We at Stonewisdom begin ours on September 21st.  We will let it burn day and night for a week. We “feed” our prayers, intents and visions for what is to come  into those flickers of fiery combustion.  Source shall hear our hearts and respond…quickly.

As we spin down the angry strength of the lion in the form of a storm, so can we collude with our Earth Mother to be in peaceful fruition. Set your intent for your “personal harvest” and our “global harvest” as we move into 2020. That will be the year of new beginnings that we are co-creating, seeing with clarity, and as we bless ourselves, we bless each other.

I see you and I am in love!


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