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Greetings from Stonewisdom, now based in Venice, Florida, a sunny home for shamans, beach drummers and dancers and everyone who seeks a restful, relaxing and happy place in the sun!

Lately, the conversations have often turned to how very challenging 2017 has been and I agree.  Sadly, I have been saying that every year since the years leading up to 2012 and beyond.  But as we all grow, notice and influence on grander scales, our concerns broaden. We have moved from intense self-introspection (micro examination) and spent more time on our place and power in the World, as a family, community, states’ rights, our country and globally (macro examination). On this macro level, the secret agendas, social dissents, angers, greed and quiet heroism have certainly been front and center. So much so that we are numb to any more news.

We are a people of broad spectrums and beliefs, various motivations, backgrounds, histories, religions and perspectives. The question is how do we accommodate everyone? How do we learn respect and tolerance within the diversity of our country and the World? When do we say “no” to the fear that controls our judgments?

My theory is 2017 has been the year of inescapable self-introspection. All of our “stuff” is up, like it or not. Resist it, and it will strike back harder, for it will not be ignored. Look around. Read the headlines. Listen to the late night comedians for unique and digestible perspectives. Humor is greatly appreciated, yet where is the reassurance? Do we need assurance? Sure we do!

If we are the sons and daughters of the Universe and greater, why would we not, even in adult garb, not need great Love and the safety of knowing something/someone much bigger than ourselves is in charge? Mankind is puny by comparison. Our global, human and planetary options are being spiritually directed but time moves slow on the front lines.

So when you can act in the macro practice, do it! Do it by prayer, intent, affirmation, manifestation, volunteerism, paying-it-forward.  Change yourself! When we have no power or control, let it go. We cannot change another, only our reaction to them. Have great Faith, whatever that may mean to you. Not in “stuff” and money or political influence. These things can be very fleeting, despite great desperation to hold on. Invest in your micro-your health; what you do have control over; be of good heart. You are enough and therefore you do overflow to all others. Make that overflow be of compassion. Know that “ugly” is up into the Light to be seen and known and dissipated into nothingness. Every moment is an evaluation and growth. We are evolving, which is objective. We are not “perfect”, something too subjective to be truly obtainable, so don’t bother.

What the move from Karma to Dharma (and karma has or is ending, depending on your micro)  did is make us all artists in the big picture. We are all a piece of the Whole. We are all in our wholeness, our worthiness is absolute. Our souls’ Truth is intact. So your outlook, opinion, actions and yes, reactions and inactions, do matter. A lot! 2017 has been the Year of the Smoky Mirror. We have gotten to see ourselves through our own introspection and through the mirrored actions of others.  If you don’t like what you see in the World, change yourself.

Ask “what is it about them that I don’t like about me?” I promise, eventually you will look at everything and know “there is something about you that I love about me”. That is the place we hope 2018 will take us, for we feel ready. The holidays are upon us. Give generously. Be grateful for everything. Forgive everyone. That makes you a vital part of the solution. We’re glad you’re here!
We see you and we are in love!


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