New Year’s Resolution: To Be Kinder to Myself

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Welcome to our Stonewisdom blog! These writings are based partially on the shamanic, spiritual experiences in our lives and also in answer to direct questions. Often we find ourselves musing about the answers in the glow of the Venice, Florida beach sunsets, where drumming and dance is a usual expression of our community’s deep joys! We hope you enjoy as well. Please email us with questions!

So many are happy 2017 is ending. Too many have felt forsaken, unsure, flat-out scared or simply depleted. Let’s take a moment to be grateful, even if it’s only to be happy 2017 is nearly over. Seriously, on Solstice, Dec. 21st, energetic shifts occur with the change of the season. It is a time of dormancy, hibernation and regaining in strength. So when a challenge arrives, ask “why is this happening”? Especially, if it’s happening…”again”!!!

Please be aware that we are our own biggest challenge. Consciously refuse to let illusion grip you in fear, pride, blame or ego. Self-forgiveness is paramount, for only then can we find forgiveness for all others. To not forgive is to remain in judgment. Remember, forgiveness is not condoning behavior, no, not at all. It clears old, stuck and repetitive energy between us and those we’ve had challenges from. So be generous in forgiving yourself, which requires first admitting your responsibility. The forgiveness response will clarify you and make you less vulnerable to old, dank energies you once colluded with, but have now seen through, learned the lesson and released with intention. We understand we have called our teachers and our lessons to us, and dear Old Souls, we have been very tough on ourselves!! The greater the pain, the bigger the lesson, and the freer we are once we grasp and release it….good riddance!

2017 has been a year of great chaos, dark money grabbing and uncapped greed. These forces have built some momentum and it may take 2018 and 2019 to stem the tide. 2018 & 2019 are Master Numbers in numerology. They contain the essence of spiritual presence and the message to stay positive. We will emerge from the chaotic nonsense of this old energy in its death throes and emerge into the kinder society that those of you who read this blog are dreaming into fruition. We must start with ourselves.

So our gift to you this holiday, for those who don’t know or have forgotten amid all the chaos, is the Knowledge of the Hawaiian Transformational Prayer known as Ho’ oponopono. This prayer, prayed for yourself, another, a group or the World, will significantly shift healing. The 4 tenets are 1) Love- “I love you”;  2) Repentance- “I’m sorry”;  3) Forgiveness-“Please forgive me”;  4) Gratitude- “Thank you”. Try it on someone who deserves kindness, such as yourself.

Pray:  “Self, I love you. I unconditionally, truly love me! And I am so sorry for all the challenges I have created through negative thinking. Please forgive me my “stinkin’ thinkin’ and how hard I have been on myself. I am so grateful to be willing to be kinder to myself (or willing to be willing to be kinder to myself. Baby steps!) Now take a deep breath. Repeat as needed.

“I love us. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you”. Now turn new enthusiasm to the Dec. 21st Solstice and 2018 New Year. Pray for all beings. You are ready. You are free!

We see you and we are in love!

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