Stonewisdom’s Personal Opinion on Coronavirus

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Stonewisdom’s Personal Opinion on Coronavirus

We should be enjoying the sun-soaked beaches of Venice, Florida, but the World seems upside down right now. Dear One, we have so many calling; texting; emailing about Coronavirus fears and what to do. What to do!?

To begin, try not to be in fear. Fear itself is debilitating. It sucks out your energy; immunity; and takes the breath away. Your diaphragm can tighten. This will feel like a band around the lungs. It will act like a constriction, but that is not coronavirus.

Let’s be practical: stores are emptying; events are canceled; school is out indefinitely; and there is a lot of misinformation and inaction on the part of the USA. How does Stonewisdom see it? The Healthcare professionals; the scientists; mothers & fathers just don’t know what this is; where it came from; was it engineered; or how to conquer it. So a certain level of precaution and preparedness is needed in our daily third dimensional (3D) lives. Toilet paper! It’s become a joke BUT if you get [any illness] and have diarrhea, you will appreciate the convenience. Worried about feeding a family? Rice comes in big boxes, feeds a lot of people for a long time. Adding beans is protein. Add vegetables. Make soups with rice & bone broths.

Vitamins C & D and Zinc are important. Elderberry is part of what pharmaceutical research derived the flu prescription Tamaflu from. Put some on the shelf!  Use preventatively. Vitamin B-complex combats stress. To worry taxes your spleen; kidneys hold fear; liver holds anger; lungs hold grief…do you seen how we make it worse on ourselves when we panic? We hurt. We are in pain. We become more afraid.

Please, do not wear (or horde) any face masks, personal or medical grade, unless you have a contagious illness. The mask does not protect you! It’s not intended to. It protects others from you.

Now, the 5D aspect is: an ancient prophecy is fulfilling. And no, it is not an apocalypse. Our planet earth has long been as a jail. Our minds’; spirits’; and personal power have been usurped by “those is power”; the “wizard behind the curtain”; “Illuminati” or “Cabal” or any other dark theory. We believe it’s been long-standing and very wealthy systems of people using fears to create mass hysteria. Desperate societies are easy to control. Frightened people are turned on each other. They eagerly give up their rights to embrace false hopes of being spared or saved.

Many prophets convey the message that our Earth Mother has now chosen to thrive! She is “ramping up” in energy (through energy grids much like transformers.) Having light is not an issue. Being light is what we are. Think powerfully! All the “systems”: banking; politics; education; medical; insurances; corporations have to “come up” from the low places of deceit and be seen. They are caught in partial truths and out-right lies. Are you now tired of babies and elders always being threatened? Of families torn apart and children missing? Of pay-offs and sexual predators unpunishable? Of low wages that enslave working populations while the uber-rich get insanely richer!

Did Spirit walk the earth and pick among us? “You are good. You are bad. I don’t like you. You are unlovable.” No, of course not. Those lies are part of our 3D dis-empowerment.

Here at Stonewisdom, we believe we are watching a movie play out. One which we will be happy to have over: the 3D matrix of old earth. Old patterns; old beliefs; untenable health and environmenalt challenges. But the Sentient Beings have been called by Gaia (earth mother). Every mountain, tree, crystal and stone; plant and animal is responding. Sentient is the energy of mountains; and high flyers, like the resurgence of eagle and condor; and vast unknown creatures of the seas. Include the devas, sprites and tree dryads; nymphs; and the fae (faeries); elves and other wee people. The populations of insects and all the ground creatures. These are the fairy tales, myths and archetypes our society knows but never truly takes to heart. We all grew up watching movies about this: Lord of the Rings; Avatar; Star Wars and comic book heroes. What if it’s all real (on some level of consciousness we might feel or know, rather than think) and all that Unity overcomes the “denseness” i.e. today’s collective media; money; military or any personal difficult events that may unfold].

These sentient beings are alive, (woke!) and taking action. Imagine how powerful they are! They have sided with Gaia; the shamans through time; tree-huggers; meditators and people who simply love life! These events bring us through the chaos and back closer to our original Divine blueprints. The World as Spirit intended it.

Stonewisdom taught many to work with releasing the energy of disharmonious pathogens; and beliefs; heavy emotions; and to forget fear. Energy practitioners, we call you to use what you KNOW to bless and heal Earth and all her children. Fear is a liar! Love will heal. Love will overcome. Peace is worth it. If you are home; quarantined; isolated; use this time to create! Write! Do art projects. Sing & dance and plant gardens! Pursue that long-forgotten desire. Read a book. Do what you would do if you woke up and the World was frozen in place. What would that be? Guilt-free pajama day! Movies, and sharing thoughts and feelings with loved ones. Maybe junk food. But please, also check on the isolated! Use the drive-through concepts and online delivery services for things you need.  Do not give the cornonavirus too much energy or attention. We have had many suspicious “failed pandemics”. Many “this is the big one” that were not. Keep that faith!

This world event is not about a virus. It’s about a battle. It is prophecy coming true. Old Souls, we have waited a long, long time for this moment-the great cleansing of all old illusion and terror tactics as our 3D penal planet restores itself into the true Garden of Eden that she has always been, but we had forgotten. We are now consciously becoming Divine perfection in a higher vibrational world. A world where pandemics cannot exist.

We see you and we are in love!

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