Stonewisdom During the Coronavirus Scare

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Greetings  from Stonewisdom in beautiful Venice, Florida!  Covid -19 has changed the way we live. We have missed many sunsets at our beaches as well as missing the comradery of the people around us. This is a situation of that is evolving and will take patience. Today Stonewisdom takes a look at the last weeks of our lives.

For all those employees and students suddenly facing the needed discipline to work and study from home, here are some basics: set a schedule. Make it realistic. Adhere to it. Yes, still set the alarm clock. Shower. Even dress, if you feel more alert and professional on your e-conferences. Pants optional? Maybe but please don’t over think that and keep it PG rated on professional and social media contacts.

We also recommend a dedicated workspace. This may take some rearranging. Be creative. It may be time to de-clutter. If you do not have the luxury of a den or extra room, think creatively. Make a pleasant spot, such as a fold-able table facing a window with a pretty view. Children at home? Hard to find a quiet nook or cranny. Is there convertible attic space? A basement space? Is a she–shed an option? Look for something comparable to any exisitng “man cave” space, but please do not usurp someone else’s territory. Personal relationships are strained enough. Set up a productive space, even if only a corner of a room. “Owning” that space (agreeing that space will be yours) will help your brain switch to “creative” work or school mode. Is working outside in nature an option where you live right now?

If you’re on a Note or other portable tablet, you are flexible. Please don’t negatively impact others by plopping yourself in the middle of other busy activities then expecting people to walk on eggshells around you. “Safe at home” means greater cooperation and patience.

Within the deadlines, online scheduled meetings, and business phone calls, schedule yourself a reasonable “stretch break”. Also a lunch break. Without physically commuting in, you have gained extra time in your schedule for yourself. Relax. But give your boss or your teacher your “all” during their hours. Also your family. By not spending time stuck in traffic, you can do workouts, get household necessities done, attend to family and personal social media plus read that best-selling novel (maybe in the bubble bath).

More generally, being sequestered with family can bring challenges, especially to the couples who use “too busy” or the kids as reasons to avoid each other. Yes, this happens. This can be a time of honesty, introspection, new intimacy, and the rebirthing of dreams together. This is the power of love, even love gone latent behind “too tired”, “too broke”, “too busy”, and “not available”. Togetherness begets conversation so become very aware of the words you are saying. Yes, the world is moving through a collective change. Do not frighten yourself or others with fear-based words, anxiety filled “fretting”, or gloom. Words will lift you or pull you down, whether you are speaking or listening.

Talk about all the emerging blessings: our air is getting cleaner, water is getting more pristine, the cessation of terrorist attacks and war, neighbors helping neighbors, extra time at home, decreased gasoline prices, even doorstep delivery convenience and video healthcare.

No negative wording means no complaints. We feel for and pray for those ill or losing loved ones. But are you fearing the future (needlessly) instead of being in the NOW moment? Your life, in this moment, is probably very manageable. That is a blessing.

What about praying? Are you opening your heart and asking good things for the world? Are you giving thanks? Are you grateful for all that is going right? Whoever your God is, she or he probably won’t be threatened, bargained with, or ignored. But your God will understand and help relieve you of personal or “pandemic” (global) grief. Please- just ask!

This current event is a great lesson in patience, togetherness, and creativity. It is also an occasion to find your “still point”, so meditate! Stretch. Take nature walks (if possible). Our beaches and parks have just reopened. Sing. Dance! Don’t let anyone tell you that you “can’t”! Go barefoot, lie on the grass, put the sun on your face.

This is part of the long awaited “event”. We are going through a world of change. There is no “normal” and there is no “going back”. Embrace and celebrate our merging new way of globally being, acting, connecting and the better values we are realizing by being shocked out of complacency. Love always wins!

We see you and we are in love.


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