We are flowing in an Hourglass

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Welcome to the Stonewisdom blog. These writings are in answer to the questions and issues we get asked along the way. Our topics are not necessarily shamanic. Our blogs also contain musings and “downloads” that occur, often as we contemplate with awe the sunsets on the beaches of Venice, Florida.

As we approach the new energies of 2019, many are happy to release what seems to be the chaotic energies of 2018. We keep hearing “What is going on?” And “How do I handle it?”

Dear Light Ambassadors, I like to explain our progress like sands through an hour-glass. Our 3D (dimensional) energy is on the top, running down and out, to collect on the bottom, in 5D vibration. The “bottle-necking” or stagnating processes are the slow flow in the middle, or 4D, which we have been living through.

In this cleansing (or purging) has come a want to be “lazy”. “I want to be lazy”…”to contract inward”, because, Old Souls, we are tired. Tired leads to Self doubt, and “lazy” looks good. So we want to stop right where we are. Lazy is lousy when used as a de-railing of our life purpose.

Our small self (ego) wants us to collude. It whispers, “Let’s be lazy. Uninvolved. Indulgent.” We begin to think “why not?” After all, our “light work” to “lift the World” has never been successful before. Why should we believe it this time? (Spoiler Alert: Because it could not have worked before in all the denseness of energies, but we did not know that. However, for the first time in human memory, that is no longer true.)

But the small self whispers, “Let’s do it my way. It will be easy”. (“Easy” is seductive to a tired out soul.) Small self pleads, “Win appreciation. Get fame. Be rewarded.  Appreciated. Just play the game!”  Indeed, why not? All it will cost you is your peace of mind, heart and soul, plus your Self-realization, and ultimate Truth.

You see, the small self needs proof. Our Higher Self knows the Truth and has Faith beyond experience or our belief systems. Our small selves, collectively, have in the past, colluded with an “affinity for hell”. War. Starvation. Ruined environments. Extinctions. Lack of water, food, healthcare and housing. Hate. All hells of our own creation.

Up until now, the  human part of us in the eternal beings that we are, has felt an urgency. So linear time was able to burn many of us out.  Never one to miss an opportunity, the small self whispers again. “This journey could be over,”  to which many Light workers give a sigh of relief. This is a false seduction.

So beware! The small self is our ultimate “smoky mirror”. It is the shadow side to who we truly are. The shadow side wants to achieve the opposite of all our dreams, sabotage our goals and betray our plans. Then throw us a pity-party.

So this is our maximum challenge: we must Know (live, feel, love) the Source energy inside us. Laugh out loud at the cajoling of the ego self and it’s old, dissipating energies. Welcome the ascending vibrations and yes, Old Souls, forget “being lazy”. You are not. No seeker ever is. So just “Be”. To “be” is the  first pinnacle on our journey. Blessings to all!

We see you and we are in love!


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