Merging Your Wolves

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Stonewisdom greetings to you from blooming, bountiful, and beautiful Venice, Florida!*  Although our gardens are beautiful, we miss the beaches. Social distancing is still beneficial. But as old prejudices and visible disparities erupted within the last few months, the world has seen significant upheavals. Global situations are keeping shamans busy! The time of our new golden age is almost upon us, although it has not been easy. This is not the time to lose your optimism! It is the time to speak up, be seen, and be the change you wish to be in your world.

In past years, I have often retold the Native American story of the white and black wolves. The two wolves we all have fighting with in us. Which one will win? “The one you feed.”

As we now move closer to 5D (fifth dimensional), and holographic living and thinking, let’s revisit that myth. Particularly as we as people have become so polarized between “white” and “black” in our thinking, society, and social justices.

You, holy Light Being, are not intended to eradicate the “dark”. Do not stay in that old 3-D matrix. That ancient thinking is what says “I must “overcome [my darkness]”, which extrapolated into “black wolf is bad”. From there it becomes black, or people of color, are “bad” and” inferior”.  Do you see? Somehow pigmentation became frightening, or undesirable, instead of an inherent tool of self-protection that people stemming from the hottest, most sunny, climates require. It’s just smart genetics!

What if the “white wolf” is the evil one? The trickster? What if the white wolf is the seducer into sin, discontent, anger, fear or violence?

Why should a black, or brown, or reddish, or golden wolf not be the peace – maker? Consider Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, the Dalai Lama, Stokely Carmichael, Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafazai,  Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Desmond Tutu and Mother Theresa. They prove that even within the body temple of the dark wolf, they are the brightest of angelic souls!

Conversely, consider Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini. All white wolves who intended much destruction. Look at those who advocate, and create, (illegal) wars because it profits them, such as Dick Cheney? The lesser-known, but violent white wolves, such as the Klu Klux Klan, with (ex) Grand Wizard David Dukes, and the groups that support them, including the for-profit NRA, who “owns” so many politicians? The same politicians who swore they work for we-the-people, such as NRA lobbied Susan Collins from the great state of Maine.

There are other groups (too many), including VDare, Red Ice TV, and others who spew hate speech. Take a look at the scandal-riddled (and scandal-making) Fox News and its former head and sexual abuser, Roger Ailes. That popular network has a long history of lies, bigotry, and (lately) transparent attempts to “diversify” and “integrate” its staff with “token” minority persons, plus maintaining the requisite “Barbie dolls”, or white wolves of femininity. Facts don’t matter in that reality. Truth isn’t the point. The ratings (and therefore money) are.

If you disagree, or are a self-proclaimed “hater”, or a “belligerent Trumpette”, welcome to our blog! It is a surprise, and delight, to find you here. Here you will find yours is not the only, or even the majority, opinion but we love you anyway!

It is past time to change things. Those with power, and great wealth, are trying to prevent all-inclusive social changes. According to The Great Big Book of Horrible Things, (W. W. Norton, 2011), 60% of oppressive war-mongering types, oppressors of others, do live “happily ever after”.  It’s why they want to annihilate our awakening social consciousness, and change. We at Stonewisdom are big proponents of “happily ever” being an inherent state for all humanity, not just the greedy.

Do you begin to see our point about the black and white wolves? If they are not a division, or duality, what then? They are the new metaphor.

They are Mastery in self-healing.

The “darkness” or “blackness” you fear within you should no longer create any insecurity. There is no bogeyman in your closet or zombies in your driveways! We have collectively, in Free Will unification, ascended higher and soon will be beyond those old energies.

Do not struggle with your personal “light or dark”, “good or evil”, dualities, or any fears that you will not handle stepping into your personal power very well. We hear these self-doubts from intuitives and healers all the time. There are no requirements that we must hurt others! That was the old world thinking of the greedy, including church, state, corporations, institutions and those who grabbed political power. The ones, who maimed, killed, starved, taxed and brutalized women, children, and healers as easy prey, and also destroyed their men. This has been the human history. This is not our human future!

Invite any “dark” within your personal piece of [the collective soul], to merge into the substantial and magnificent Light of who you truly are. That “darkness”, learned through past experiences, will immediately be subsumed. But you shall retain the lessons, skills and knowledge learned in those “dark nights” of your soul. You have already earned renewed strength!

Energy is energy, with no “right” or “wrong” about it. The “right” or “wrong” comes in how energy is directed. By merging your two wolves, you have mastered this lesson!  You are “whole”. You have faced your “dark side,” (or what we refer to as your own self), in the shamanic “smoky” mirror that you have had the courage to look deeply into. You are worth celebrating!

What happens when the white wolves merges with the dark wolves?

We create a world of rainbow beings, all sizes, shapes, colors, genders, with different sexual proclivities, and all manners of interests, talents, and resource friendly solutions, in a world we are all willing to share.

In keeping with the bright promise of Ascension, we produce the most beatific Stewards of Earth the world has ever seen!

We see you and we are in love.

*Disclaimer: Our Stonewisdom teaching blog is not politically affiliated. Personally, we are lifelong Independents who always vote, but vote according to the ideals and mores (valued based actions), of the individual candidate. We are committed to observing, healing, and “doing” as required in alignment to great cosmic Truths. The statements in these blogs, especially during these “re-boot” times, will mean this blog could offend some people.

Congratulations! If you are offended, you are at least attempting to listen, and actually hear, a differing viewpoint.





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