The Darkness is Now Toothless

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Hello, my dearest ones! I greet you, the heroes and heroines of humanity.  If you are reading this, we are of a soul family. A great, and immense heart tribe. I reach out to you from Venice, Florida, having returned from the vast chasms, caverns and ancient forests of our south and western USA. The mountains spoke to us. The belated desert bloomed in rainbow colors for us. We soared on cold winds. Other days the hails, snows and gale winds prevented us in an ever changing, but fluid itinerary. It was an epic journey but, at last, we missed our sunsets and our peaceful quiet. We of Stonewisdom came home again.

Curious, how I sat down to write a short message of encouragement, only to realize my heart is over flowing, my Light energy is  more vast and radiant then ever and a hard-won clarity has made this tricky game of chess very transparent. Check-mate, my brothers and sisters! Well done.

It has been very apparent to me that this return to “cloistering” was exactly what I needed. It is phenomenal, as I sit in meditation with all who love and surround us, the shifting, releasing and healing for myself and all humanity, physically/emotionally/mentally/energetically and on a soul level that is happening. Big releases. Important releases. Our being here, and our travels through great hardships, now makes some sense since we have been the ones to pull, by choice, the direst lessons from the bowels of darkness. We shouldered them and are seeing them escorted into the great Light. These heavy chains we put on ourselves were the worst of what kept our World bound in far less than its intended perfection for so long.

Betrayal, abuse, fear, persecution, loss, scarcity, shame, illness, suffering and all the rest we are clearing, sending with love and gratitude, into the Great Light that may not be overcome. These lessons have lurked so long and damaged so destructively that they have taken on entity energies of their own. I now call out their names: Depression, Narcissism, Passive-Aggression, Greed, Control, Judgment, Victim, Sociopath, Addiction, Psychopath, Self-loathing, Hopelessness, Despair…please add to my list! As we know, names are important. We, as a love-centered tribe, command them to show themselves with clarity so we may call them out and banish them from our Heavenly kingdom here on earth.

Imagine we now call out by name the enemies who have repeatedly tried to ruin us in this life (and all others) by hiding in the deep shadows of lies and behind dim veils of ego. Do you feel it, my dearest ones? Thank you, one and all, for carrying the ancient and most powerful burdens you, as an earth being, could shoulder. I offer my admiration that you have done so on behalf of all humanity. We are the mirror for each and every one. No exceptions.

Since 20% of the 50% needed potential in humanity has reached for some awakening (yes, 50% are still deeply asleep and we hold their dreams in peace), great Light influxes have come (and continue to flow) into us and our World. This was never intended. Those greatest of Light beings, who sought to remain neutral observers, have indeed taken up the gauntlet on our behalf after witnessing our surprising courage, bewildering strength and quiet humility. We are greatly blessed!

The next month of July 2019 brings winds of change. It is yet to be experienced whether they will be fierce or subtle for you. No longer do we sit in the eye of the storm. We are the storm, if we so choose to be. We are also the gentling of the coming dawn. Ride those tides in awareness. Make notes. Keep a journal. The “a-ha” moments will be many and we shall be the chroniclers for the great passage of humanity out of the dark and into the Light as the great blueprints of Life have intended.

We have won and we cannot un-win. Breathe in deeply. Let loose your biggest sigh. It is done. The aftermath of change may seem slow in our remaining 3D but never can all of us of the 5D ever return to the hurting-type of archetypal beings we were in an old, discarded energy. At last! I embrace you all with joyous tears.

Fear no longer. We are transformative. We have seen who we are, what we can do and how we are supported. Manifest quickly and quietly. Bring your dreams into your “now” reality. It is time! It is time! It is time and it is my great honor to travel this journey with you all.

I am shining Light! I see you…and I am in love.

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