Communication is Key

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Communication is Key!

Welcome to our Stonewisdom blog! Join us in the contemplations and musings we come across in our Venice, Florida blue waterside , sunshiny, open air community. May you be as blessed!

Communication. It is the ability to hear and understand, to be heard and understood. Such simple concepts with often such disastrous results.

Why should a frank, loving, honest ability to commune-to truly know another-be so hard? Of course, we battle ego. We all battle with guilt, supposition, sorrow, anger, resentment, regret, assumption and jealousy.  These are life lessons and can seem daunting. It sometimes feels like a losing battle.

Now add in personal perspective. How someone hears and sees you is naturally colored by their own expectations, experiences and belief structure. So how do we overcome this confusion? How can we get straight answers? Enjoy meaningful dialogues and agree to disagree when necessary?

I recently faced a great challenge. I was having a lack of quality communication with one of the most essential and beloved people in my life. This inability to communicate was negatively impacting our innate ability to be closely bonded and inter-active no matter how much love we feel for one another. So I asked my Dear One three little questions:

  • Are you upset (or angry, disappointed, annoyed hurt- fill in your blank) with me?
  • If you are, do you know why?
  • If you know why, would you please tell me?

Those three sequential little questions melted the ice and led to an open-hearted, honest and refreshing conversation. We were and are fine! It can be our worlds that are challenging, and we don’t always reach out. This is now something we can laugh over and reassure each other about. Knowing we are OK  together, even in a world that doesn’t always seem OK, brightens the day!

We almost missed the boat by slightly mis-stepping our communications. These three little questions can be proverbial life-savers. Try them! Namaste’.


We see you and we are in Love!

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