I AM the Boss of Me

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Dear friend,

            Hello from Venice, Florida, home to Stonewisdom and shamanic beings everywhere!

If you could change your consciousness through your own free will, you would lose the esoteric, dense “weight” that negatively impacts this lifetime. You would feel freer. You would think and act differently and the World would notice.

            The old energy of Earth kept us mired in profoundly dramatic “stuff” from our past. We have been pulled down in our health, emotions and purpose. We’ve lived in a fog, feeling listless, unfulfilled, defeated, and tired.

            Oh, so tired! Tired in our body, mind and energy. Tired of working. Tired of fighting. Tired of disappointment and frustration by lack of sustainable healings and changes. Tired of the “same old, same old”.

            The biggest issue is, until now, the past predicted our future. We have been pulling past energies of low vibration into our “right now”.  The results have frustrated, puzzled and overwhelmed us.

            Old Soul, we are here NOW and you have an opportunity to remove your Akashic baggage. Our Akash is always lurking, replaying how we lived and died. Replaying lost children, killings in war, starvation, plagues, burnings, beheadings. The old energy of earth kept us saturated in short, awful, fearful lives.

            The good is there, too, but we allow the old negative “bad stuff” to consume us. It’s a constant “buzz” in our lives, the droning of horrible past lives with little or no light.

            But the Time for Light is now! Do you have the power to rewrite the energy from 1,000 old lives? The gurus did. They controlled the esoteric. Are you powerful enough to command this mastery? Yes! You have this power through Free Will Choice.

            We are here now! What is in the Now for us? New energies and a new consciousness. Are you eager to disengage the “negative buttons” in this lifetime? Are you wanting for things to be great in this life and not wait for the next lifetime?

            You don’t have to wait! You simply have to cognize (believe) you can do this. You can rewrite the energy from your past lifetimes. Believe how powerful you are! Consciousness is powerful and can change your past.

            Attached is the cleansing blueprint. Find a peaceful place and focus. Repeat the text, aloud or in your mind. Dear One, you are supported by the Light energies and beings of the Universe in this. We promise you are not alone and you are more powerful than you ever believed before!


We see you and we are in love!


I AM the Boss of Me

Cleansing the effects of your Akash*


“Dear beautiful Akash, which represents me and my soul in so many expressions. In this new energy, I AM in command!

Dear Akash, that is me and represents the expressions of thousands of lives on this planet, look at the energy of today because I AM in charge.

Dear Akash, beautiful that you are because you are me and represent the One Soul that I have been for thousands of lifetimes on this earth, know this: there is change and I AM going to dictate it because I AM in charge.

The bottom line is I AM in charge of me and for the first time I want you to listen up-

I command benevolence in remembrance. I command that the Akash start to alter that which has been remembered lifetime after lifetime.

And…I put a limiter on the drama. It is not allowed to invade the Light of my life. I put a limitation on all of the negative things-all the anger, betrayal and horrors. I put a limiter on all of it. These things may be there but they will go into the dark.

Dear loyal Akash, there’s more, for my current stuff is not in my Akash yet but needs to be transformed as well.

Let all the things that have occurred in this life from my past life to this moment be on notice that the memory in my brain, the very synapses that holds them, is on notice to cease and desist.

 Those things that would be below my magnificence as a creature on this planet of God, are not allowed to keep those old tapes playing. These are the tapes of betrayal, sorrow, bad feeling, anger, guilt, worthlessness and everything that does not serve me in the Light of who I AM.

The old vibration of human nature, which is a low vibrating nature, and the buzzing impact of the past itself must cease and desist, as must all of the things that are currently there. I AM in charge, even of my memory, for every single cell resounds with this in a way I never understood before. Now that I know, I AM ready.

I AM in charge of all things so that I may go from this place forward and not have to carry those things from my past since my birth.

Dear cellular structure, I AM in charge. The Boss is talking. Listen up! I command you to see the beauty and the benevolence of God inside of every cell of my body. To be more resistant than we have ever been before because disease/dis-ease cannot attach itself to the Light.

I command that which was in me that is inappropriate to go away. To change. Let the chemistry of my body show itself in the next days, so I will know this is real. I now take command of the things I was never told I can take command of.

Now Self, know this: I have waited a long time. I have delayed these Truths through many lifetimes, no matter how unique those lifetimes were. I forgive myself for this for I did not know.

This is brand new to me and I accept as Truth that consciousness can manipulate the esoteric memories of our lifetimes, moving me from vibrations of pain into permanent joy, benevolence and Light! I AM grateful.


And so it is.”



 *This ability to move forward with a clean slate was information channeled by Lee Carroll, author of

The Indigo Child series and Kryon books.

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