Why do Full Moon and Solstice Energies Effect Us?

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Welcome to our Stonewisdom blog! These writings are based partially on the shamanic and Spiritual experiences of our lives, and in answer to direct questions. We find ourselves recognizing Universal  answers in the last  glow of the Venice, Florida beach sunsets.  We hope you enjoy as well.

Feeling heavy, tired, miasmic?  A bit out of sorts? World seem goofy?  Credit the Summer Solstice and give yourself a “thumbs up” for noticing. We all have various ways we feel at full moon: exalted, romantic, nervous, powerful, free or a bit creeped out. Magnify your response at the solstices.

Full moon exerts its pressures primarily a day before and after. Solstice energies start three days early and go three days after, having effects for a full week.  Why? The cosmos are exerting a profound magnetism upon us at that time. You are not nameless or faceless. The Universe- and Spirit – have always known who you are, and held a place of Love for you, no matter what. So, no fears!

These energy cycles are powerful, urging us to contemplate within. When we don’t consciously listen, we fragment.  Some of our “muchness” goes on a soul’s search for expanding information. Our evolving is allowing big information, answers and messages into our meditations and dream work.  These are powerful “Aha!” moments of Truth. We experience synchronicities, and guidance, in the form of repetitive numbers, phrases in songs and happenings in nature, such as butterflies, dragonflies, and rainbows.

But the stubborn, conscious part, or the egoic, is still going full speed ahead, creating a small, psyche “split”. We become unbalanced. This is similar to soul loss. A missing soul piece can have us weak, out of sorts and missing great life experiences normally represented by the ages of our “walk-about” soul pieces.  Staying whole is vital for our chi, and our mental, energetic and physical health.

Divisions of Self at high energy occasions and/or soul piece loss leave us dull, sleepy, snarly, muddy-headed, even dizzy. We can feel sick. We experience malaise, even flu-like symptoms. This is still your Higher Self, urging you to withdraw and cocoon, so you can emerge out into the vast realms of Knowing and awaken refreshed, resolved and re-energized. Cosmic Truths will set you free and come to us gently, when we open and cooperate.

This is a great time to examine life goals that conflict with your actions. What is holding you back from doing the things you really want to do or be? These are no longer the times of denial, no longer the Old Energies of baggage and karmic teachings. No longer is it wise to deny your True Self.

Do you fear lack of resources? There are plenty; definitely enough for you, too. Forget scarcity thinking and embrace the challenge. Nervous? Take the leap and Trust, or you’ll always regret never taking that chance. Needing to regroup is OK. Too bogged down in your box?  Think creatively. Too restricted by linear thinking? Embrace change. Remember, you are eternal and boundless. Are you numb to joy? Our heart is the powerful place of Love, Peace and Joy. Are you fully heart-connected?

If you are answering the above questions negatively, Full Moon and Solstice times will continue to call you, at your own pace, but in specific and powerful ways that can’t be ignored and may not be comfortable.

We urge you to sit in peaceful mediation (yes, mediation as in listening and bargaining!) with yourself. Create a (written) list of great things you have accomplished. Don’t be shy-you have accomplished much to be proud of! Also list great things happening now and the great things you wish to attract into your life soon. We manifest what we focus on. So during this time, focus on yourself!

We see you and we are in love!

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