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Welcome back to our Stonewisdom blog! These writings are not always confined to the shamanic but come about from questions we are asked and issues that arise for many people. We hope this is helpful! We are still enjoying the Venice, Florida sunsets and hold you in that great love!

Today our topic is “spooky stuff”. Vibrations hold. Memories are long. History exists in the “now”. These are not metaphoric “snippets” as much as explanations as to why we have “haunted houses, “bad” businesses and “creepy” experiences we cannot explain.  So here are things to look for:

  • Feeling sick or nauseous? 2) hair raising on the back of your neck or scalp?  3) experiencing unexplained air movement or temperature changes? 4) strange noises or lights happening?  5) children feeling “spooked”?  6) are your pets intently watching things that don’t appear to be there?  7) property won’t sell?

These are all indications of energetic intrusions, the causes and sources of which can be many.

We suggest you energetically cleanse your home. Sage and/or ammonia sprays throughout are effective. Don’t forget stagnant spaces like under stairs and in closets. Chimes or crystal bowls resonate and clear old vibrations. Play sacred music such as Om or Gregorian chants.  An effective favorite is to envision a vortex of white light above the space (house, property, car etc.) and authoritatively command all entities go into the light. They will! Light white candles and let them burn awhile, during and after cleansing.

If you feel drawn to ceremoniously honor what may be passing through, open a door or window and place a “last meal” of simple foods (cookie, nuts, chocolate, oatmeal etc.)  Discard the remains of the “bon voyage” meal afterwards!  Salt may be sprinkled on window and door sills afterward to prevent more intrusions, or sprinkle around the outside perimeter of the building or along the property lines. There are many easy ways for you to help yourself. These are a few and many more can be found online. The first thing is to recognize you have an unseen problem and it’s real!

Then, what if your property still won’t sell? Are people continuing to avoid your space? Your family isn’t sleeping any better or the pets are still acting out, perhaps urinating and marking territories? Then it’s time to consider getting some outside help. Those of you affiliated with a church might find help there. Holy water is effective. A priest can exorcise. You may get referrals for people who do this work.

You can always contact us through Stonewisdom via email or telephone. We are happy to have a conversation with you and determine a helpful course of action. Through the years we have had enough experiences with home/business/school/land clearings as to have excellent cleansing successes and great stories! We will look for many, many things that others may not. Don’t despair. You are not wrong and you are not crazy if you feel something is amiss in your space. It’s a very strange and wonderful but sometimes spooky World that we live in!

We see you and we are in love!

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