Shamanism and Religion

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Welcome to the Stonewisdom blog. These writings are not contained to the shamanic but also the musings and insights of one who now contemplates the Venice, Florida sunsets. Questions are welcome at

One of the most FAQs is whether shamanic study or practice conflicts with religion. No. Spiritual practice doesn’t conflict with the faith, even dogma, of religions. It is a practice of knowledge and wisdom, which encourages a belief system able to expand into the unknown or deeply forgotten. Being open hearted and open minded is not a religious conflict. Indeed, it is the core to many religious teachings.

In our lives, we have explored many religions, myths and ancient teachings. We have participated in and created services and ceremonies specific to both religions and the nondenominational. We believe the viability of many religions create many paths; a path for each one of us to find divine Truth.  We do believe in something bigger than ourselves, which is a core tenet of wonderful programs such as AA, OA and others.

Shamans are charged with the keeping of the Earth. We are caretakers. Our environment matters. We strive to bring “ayni” or balance into the World, including peace, negotiation, turning the other cheek. We do no harm. We are devoted to deep self-introspection and forgiveness of all.  We respect our elders and our children and those still to come.  We hold a glorious vision for mankind’s choices and therefore the destiny of all.  We dream a World absent of greed and abuse.


We believe in Love and know its power over fear. We understand that light triumphs over dark. We believe humanity is uplifting into a place of high vibration also known as divine ascension, despite the current turmoil of a World in transition. We understand that time need not be linear and that all is unfolding exactly as it should, despite our human impatience. We ask that everyone simply Breathe. Trust.  Just Be.


We believe in Oneness. We believe in every one of us. We see us all, everyone and everything, as a viable and necessary thread in a beautiful tapestry of time and space and wonderment. We are glad you are here.

We see who you are and we are in love.

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