How Do I Serve?

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Welcome to the Stonewisdom blog. These writings are not contained to just the shamanic but expand in answer to the questions and issues we have been asked along the way. My blogs also contain musings and “downloads” that occur as we contemplate, with glowing insight, the sunsets on the beaches of Venice, Florida. We stand in love!

I recently attended a women’s seminar, supported by multiple churches in my community. The speaker was funny and dynamic, traveling in from out-of-state with a message of Empowerment.  In my quiet meditation, I asked “why not me?” Why am I not a public speaker?  Why am I not an Oprah, or Doreen Virtue, or Deepak Chopra? Wayne Dyer? I am not a person who is reluctant to speak publicly. I have done it many times. I was curious.

The answer I heard from Spirit was “I do not announce through you. I heal through you.”  Upon reflection, this is very true. I had set protections for this venue. Those who needed to be there were  welcomed, even drawn,  but a barrier existed against those who intentionally brought dark mischief. Two women I know of, but have not met, fell ill on the way or upon arriving. Both declined to attend, despite having bought tickets. It is how this works. No judgment.

Several women who came alone, I gathered into my diverse group. We all connected as women do. A bonding occurred and now we all have new friends. New sharing.  New resources.

Another one who found her way to me confessed she had been the one who admitted in an anonymous writing the night before that she was considering suicide. My group actively, fervently, cohesively prayed and sent light and healing to her, even though we did not know exactly whom we held in our love as we did that. That she (humanly random but divinely inspired) sought me out to say that, was a testimony in itself.  She had no idea of the brilliant and rare light she is, but we are now connected. She is motivated to make some necessary changes. I am confident it will happen.

Another woman was stuck in a guilty grief that kept her triggered every anniversary. When asked to join us, she cried. It came out that she was at a stuck point in her humanness.  A place easily shifted when working shamanically. She now has the deep realization we are eternal beings and that we come to evolve and there is no shame or blame. She will no longer be tragically triggered just because of a date on the calendar.

Another woman held my hand as we stood and sang. The non-integrated energy she carried (many would say “entity”, but that tends to have a scary connotation), jumped from her, up my arm and into my energy system. Her eyes got wide. She said she felt a bolt of energy traverse up my arm. She cried. She felt better and lighter. She hugged and kissed me and I smiled. I am well versed in going home and clearing such energies, so she had a spontaneous healing in that moment.  I was her catalyst and the vessel for moving the energy onward. I am honored.

The speaker came over and hugged us tight. She said we were a light in the room and held the energy for her message so well. It was simply that we were there. We were “Being”.  It was a wonderful time and beautiful lessons occurred for all.

Energy needed to be held by those with large hearts who came, not to take, but to give and support. Yes, Spirit, I understand. Even when I go to events and I wonder why I am going (I never say “no” if I’m strongly led to say or do something), I now know. I am clear. Spirit is not announcing divine presence through me. Spirit is showing itself as divine healer through me, and I have said “Yes!” So I ask you…How do you stand open and ready to serve?

We see you and we are in love!

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