Loving Love this Valentine’s Day

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Welcome to our Stonewisdom blog. These writings are shamanic but also expansive, so we may fully  answer  the questions and issues we are being asked along the way. My blogs also contain musings and “downloads” that occur as we contemplate, with glowing insight and serenity, the sunsets on the beaches of Venice, Florida.  We hope you enjoy.

I am writing this on the eve of Valentine’s Day, 2018-the day of love. Whether you believe it was created by card companies, florists and chocolatiers or inspired by Spirit, what harm can there be to focus on Love? To focus on loved ones? To feel loved?

When we feel loved; feel in love; are loving, we find peace within. We know we are strong, healthy and capable in productive ways. Those of  who know their Beloved, have a lover or love interest, have a loved one, are very blessed. Take a moment to hold that thought closely in your heart. Appreciate your sense of well-being.

But what about those for whom life is a challenge right now? We all swim in a sea of uncertainty. How much deeper do the waters feel when we swim alone? How much colder?

If you are blessed with knowing love in your life, find the time to bless another. Reach out this Valentine’s Day. We’ve had a huge time of change, uncertainty and chaos. People are exhausted. People are fearful. Take a moment to communicate “I see you and I am in love”.  To be in love with another is to affirm self-love. “There is something about you that I love about me”.

“I see you. I love you” repeated quietly in your head will resonate with the person you have set your intent upon. They will feel it. Look for their reaction. They may smile or look around. They may make eye contact if you are nearby. You can also send love thoughts from a distance-any distance. You can send love to all of the World. Love has no limits.

In Love’s name, give to a person in need. Buy someone a cup of java. Hand out a simple flower to everyone in your office. Give up a good parking space to someone else. Greet the world with a smile, not a scowl, for Love is coming your way. Someone, I promise you, is thinking of you with love. At least one person. That would be me.

For anyone struggling, feeling you have nothing to give and are in need of receiving, text 741741. It is a mobile crisis hotline that will get you to an online, well-trained counselor at no charge. Be a gift to yourself and call. You are necessary in this World and everyone is divinely loved. No exceptions.

I see you and I am in love.

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