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As always, greetings from beautiful Venice, Florida! Stonewisdom is delighted in the blooming of our gardens, the gathering of butterflies, and the gentleness of our winds. Surrounded by such beauty the only outcome imaginable is that life will resume being beautiful for all again…and soon.

This is just a reminder that Stonewisdom offers a variety of classes. Our classes are offered in person in Venice, Florida. Our students are invited to gather and have come from around the country. There is adequate time planned for beauty, fun, and exploration in this paradise. We have a discount student and corporate rate arrangement with a beautiful local hotel with infinity swimming pool, hot tub, restaurant, bar, store, and easy walking distance to most necessities. Ask us to send you details.

Stone wisdom will design individual Corporate Shamanic Retreat Weekends based on your specifications and goals. When the world allows, reach us for more information on how to regroup, restructure, and rethink the ways your business does things. Thane (Ostroth) of Stonewisdom was a dedicated entrepreneurial and philanthropic business owner for 40+ successful years. His best success came with blending a strictly regulated practice with shamanic, feng shui, and other energetic techniques. Together, Thane and Ellen owned and operated the Metaphysical Center of Michigan, a co-op offering  varying classes, sessions, community gatherings, other practitioner modalities, retail  and “free open to the public” drumming circles. Come think out of the box!  Learn how to improve your bottom line. Gain happier employees and smaller turnover. Come connect in a profitable corporate retreat that is partly a rewarding, delightful weekend getaway.  This event is held at our partner hotel and conseriege service is available.

Our most popular offering of classes is a series for people who are Highly Sensitive, Intuitive, and Empathic. In these classes you will learn how to recognize energy, protect yourself, utilize energy, clear old baggage, gather strength, and learn to instantly manifest. Your group becomes a tribe…your new family. It is a series of four level classes. Level I and II are required to go on, but Level III is not required for Level IV.

Stonewisdom has also begun offering classes that are standalone (one class only) weekend courses. Some of these are done for outrageous fun, and in an effort to push past people’s comfort zones to open up one’s laughter and confidence. Costumes may be required.  Others are more poignant and held in much reverence, such as classes involving celebration and ceremony. We are always open for other suggestions as well.

Please see our website, for class testimonials. This will give you some insight into how our students feel about their experiences. Please also look for Ellen’s Spiritual Warrior Trilogy series on Book 1 is The Art of Beauty. Book 2 is The Art of Betrayal. Book 3 is The Art of Being. Please take a look at reader’s reviews. A Book 4, The Art of Bravery, will be out by the fall of 2020.

Also soon to be released is Stonewisdom’s “how-to” book on shamanic principles for the layperson. Included will be valuable day-to-day information as well as instruction on the use of divination, crystals, attracting love, health, wealth, and many essential practices. This book will be available on as well.

Lastly, two children’s books will soon be released by Ellen on  Stonewisdom also has its Dream Whisperings channel on These are family friendly sleep messages of well-being, plus a taste of shamanic journeying. Ellen can be found on as well.

For more information, please email or call (248) 703- 4772. We look forward to the time when we all emerge from our Covid- 19 cocoons and display the butterflies we were always intended to be! We send blessings for your good health and safety and for that of your families and loved ones everywhere.

We see you and we are in love.

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